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The Start: -L-R Robert Campbell, John Turner, Charlie Barker, Adam Etches, Diana Gipp, Peter Gipp and Darren Murfitt
At Reach Green:- L-R Diana Gipp, Adam Etches, Peter Gipp, Darren Murfitt, Charlie Barker, Robert Campbell & John Turner

Above photos - Wooditton 23rd December 2001 - 19.5 mile run to Ely (-5 to -6 deg!)



Frostbite League Ramsey 16th Dec 2001
L-R: Ian Blatchford, Nick Lloyd, William Clapp, Dianan Gipp, Janice Evans, Adam Etches, Mike Johnson, Peter Gipp, Stephen Howard, John Angier, Kevin Ross, Darren Murfitt, Todney Atkinson

Hereward Relay at Finish - 25th Nov 2001
L-R: Mark Turner, Tim Elkington, Hayley Tooke, Stece Harrison, Ian Blatchford, Darren Murfitt, Kevin Ross, John Turner



Ian Blatchford -
Police 10k
Ian Blatchford
William Clapp
William Clapp

Adam Etches

 Mike Johnson

Mark Turner
Peter Gipp

The Start at Ramsey
Stewart Hay
John Turner


John Turner
Bushfield 5m
11th Nov 2001

Start of leg 2


Eric Drury having finished the
London Marathon - April 2001


A Selection  of photos from various events throughout the year of 2001

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