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Chris Rayment
26th  37:16
(3rd MV40)

Adam Etches
34th  37:54
Luke Minall
41st  38:29

 Keith Mitchell
137th  43:42


Graham Chapman
138th  43:50
Natalle Coles
175th  45:09
Michael Butler
233rd  47:38
1st 10K
Rob Comley
250th  48:01

John Crawford
285th  49:41

Colin Doak
351st  53:12 
Fran Crawford
392nd  54:55
3rd FV50






At the Start Rob Joy finishing Darren Fowlie finishing Rob Joy -
 1st Man
Jane Clarke
1st Woman

New Year's Eve 10K  Friday 31/12/04 -
Results & info see www.newyearseve10k.co.uk




Torsten, Peter G, Adam, Stephen and Chris
(Max following) - approaching check point 1

Rod Baron, John T and Richard Handoll
at the Finish




(Including Rod Baron)

The start at Woodditton


Front: Charlie Barker, Torsten Lytken, Adam Etches
Rear:  Peter Gipp, Ian Blatchford, John Fordham,
John Turner, Chris Rayment, Richard Handoll,
Graham Chapman





The Reach check point

Charlie & Graham come in
followed by Richard

 Natalle, John & Ian

Ready for the Off




Upware Sluice check point
Tony Hall, Graham, John, Peter Bovill,
Natalle Coles, Charlie & Richard

The Finish: John. Tony, Richard & Graham


Pre-Xmas Run - Woodditton to Ely (18 miles approx)  Sunday 19/12/04
Route description & Maps (Click here)


Darren Murfitt
John Turner
Kevin Jennings
Luke Minall
(Just behind)
Ely 'B' Team Ely 'D' Team Ely 'Mixed' Team Ely 'C' Team
Hereward Relay Sunday 28th November 2004 - 1.5  miles into stage 4


Alex Tate
Ian Day
Adam Etches
Torsten Lytken
John Crisp
Luke Minall
Alan Rutterford
Paul Banks

Amanda Reid

Natalle Coles

David Richards
John Crawford
ST NEOTS HALF MARATHON,   Sunday 14th November 2004
Courtesy of Digitography  http://www.derekhaden.com


Peter Bovill - New York Marathon  - 7th November 2004


John Tuner to Charlie Barker

John Fordham to Karen Foreman

Ian Day to John Fordham

Round Norfolk Relay - 18/19th September 2004




Alan Rutterford

Ian Blatchford &
Colin Doak

Stephen Howard

Photos from the Saffron Walden 10K 26th September 2004

Alan Rutterford Jane Cullen Luke Minall



Maurice Reed Peter Bovill William Clapp
                       GRUNTY FEN  12/9/04            www.gruntyfen.co.uk


John Turner - 201st/1085
Net time across line 1:38:59, Official time 1:39:03

Norwich Half Marathon - 13th June 2004


John Crisp and
Chris Rayment

John Turner
Chris Rayment
John Crisp
  3rd MV55  44:09 1st MV40 37:52 6th SM 37:39
     HICKATHRIFT 10K   5th June 2004            www.hickathrift10k.co.uk


Alfredo Verna
Karen Foreman
Chris Rayment
Chris & John
John Turner
Alan Rutterford

Torsten Lytken


Brandon Forest Half Marathon - 31st May 2004
Photos Courtesy of Digitography  http://www.derekhaden.com



Diana Gipp  -  177th Woman -  2296th  3:13:02

Darren Murfitt
Nicola Hector
Gipps, Tony Hall,
 Alan & Karen
Matt Hall
1964th  3:09:48 8699th  3:51:04   1339th  3:03:01
LONDON MARATHON - 18th April 2004 (see "Results archive" for Ely Runners' times)


Torsten Lytken, receiving Best 1/2 Marathon cup from Eric Drury

Stephen Howard receiving Best Marathon cup from Eric Drury

AGM 16th January 2004

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