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Baz Woodward & Jude McCarthy at start of race
Rod Baron & Peter Harris ready for
the off - Peterborough Cathedral - Stage 1
Rod finishing Stage 1 at Whittlesey

John Crisp, Ian Blatchford &
Graham Chapman
Start of final stage






Claire Willer  finishes & John Crisp starts final stage
Ray Harding & Simon Jackson at
Welney (start stg 4)

Ray & Steve Tovey

Steve, Simon & Ian


Ian and Eric Drury
at Ely


Above photos taken by Tony Hall



Charlie & Stephen
@Turves - stage 2

Stephen Howard
1st Mixed Team
Charlie Barker - 2nd Male Team


John Turner
3rd Male Team @ Turves
Karlos Dedos - 2nd Mixed Team
River bank road near Turves




Adam Etches - 1st Male Team
Approaching March - Stage 2

Peter Gipp
1st Male Team
Claire Willer
1st Mixed Team




Simon Jackson @ Christchurch
2nd Male Team - Stage 3
Steve Tovey
3rd Male Team
Rachel Kiff @ Christchurch
2nd Mixed Team



Ian Day @ Little Downham
1st Male Team - final stage

John Crisp
1st Mixed Team - final stage

Ian Blatchford
2nd Mixed Team
Before Lt.Downham
Hereward 4 stage Relay - Sunday 27th November 2005
Coverage of ER's 5 teams

Jaime Gallagher

Navesink Challenge 15K, Middletown, New Jersey

27th November 2005





Colin Doak

Chass Matharu
Fran Crawford
Club FV50 Record
Lana Chalmers
1st Half Marathon
Tim Slater




John Crawford
John Turner
Meg Lewis
1st Half Marathon




Rachel Kiff
1st Half Marathon
Peter Bovill

  Alan and Hayley Rutterford (PB)

All photos except bottom right available for purchase from  www.derekhaden.com

St. Neot's  Half Marathon & 3K Fun Run,
Sunday 20th November 2005






The Ely lads
raring to go!

Ely Ladies in jollier mood: (L-R) Chanré Bond, Claire Willer,
Claire Law, Jude McCarthy, Leah Brock, Natalle Coles

The Start!

L-R John Crisp,
Claire Willer, Matt Hall,
Ian Day, Peter Gipp
(Leah Brock just behind)
John Crisp & Matt Hall,
(Stephen Howard
not far behind)

Stephen Howard
and Chanré Bond
(Baz & Max just behind)

L-R Birgitta Bramley,
Claire Law, Rod Baron
Jude McCarthy,
Charlie Barker
Claire leads Rod,
Birgitta  &
John Turner

Birgitta Bramley
JT just behind)

The rear end -
of one Ely Runner!

Ian Day leads the
 Ely contingent home

......... followed by
Matt Hall & Peter Gipp

Baz Woodward casts
an anxious look over
his shoulder
John Crisp

Claire Willer

Max d'Ayala

Stephen Howard

Rod Baron

Rod again

Charlie Barker

Graham Chapman

Graham with an
agonising burst at
the finish
Peter Harris

Natalle and Birgitta fight it out
John Turner
Jude McCarthy
2nd Frostbite League Match - Bushfield, Peterborough -
Sunday 13th November
Photos taken by Tony Hall




Kevin Fox

John Crisp

Stevenage Half Marathon,
Sunday 6th November 2005



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