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Peter Bovill Rachel Kiff Peter Harris Steve Tovey

Fenland 10 -  Sunday, 30th October 2005



Adam Etches Natalle Coles
Snowdonia Marathon - Llannberis
Sunday, 30th October 2005






Charlie Barker
Ian & Matt Hall



Peter Gipp


Ian Day

Rod Baron



Matt Hall
Darren Murfitt


Charlie & Graham
John Turner


Graham Chapman
Stephen Howard



Alan Rutterford

Beachy Head Marathon, Eastbourne - Saturday 29th October

Photos available from  http://digimoments.co.uk/cgi-bin/running/events.cgi?use=home





The Ely Lads - L-R: Stephen Howard,
Alan Rutterford, Charlie Barker, Matt Hall,
John Turner, Graham Chapman, Peter Gipp
The Lads again -
Minus John Turner but including Rod Baron (Left)
Charlie Barker and
Ian Day




The way ahead!

Alan contemplating
the way ahead
Graham contemplating
his first Marathon
And they're Off!


Beachy Head Marathon, Eastbourne - Saturday 29th October


Jaime Gallager

Trick or Trot 4 Miles Race,
Long Branch, New Jersey, USA,
Sunday 25th October 2005





Alex Tate
Alfredo Verna
(Getting a big hand!)
Birgitta Bramley
(Not completely legless!)
Charlie Barker




Darren Murfitt
Tim Bedford
Graham Chapman
John Turner




Kevin Fox
Natalle Coles
Peter Gipp
Peter Harris
Frostbite St Neots - 16th October 2005
(Taken by Stephen Howard on his camera phone)


frostbite_girls.jpg (92171 bytes)

Frostbite Girls
From L-R Lisa Redman, Birgitta Bramley, Jude McCarthy, Lana Chalmers,
Natalle Coles, Claire Law, Julie Foreman, Mary Gates
St Neots - 16th October 2005
Click here for some bite sized pictures from the Frostbite match






John Crawford in the Chicago Marathon - 9th October 2005  (bite sized photos)






'RunThru Deal' 5 Mile Road Race
Sunday 9th October 2005

US Army 'Ten Miler'
in Washington on Sunday 2nd October 2005 (pictured with sister at the end)

Jaime Gallagher in action in two recent races (2nd & 9th Oct) in the USA



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