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Alfredo Verna in action - at about 1,650 m on a short flat area
following a sharp steep climb and (right) in 2004 at the 2,371 m finish.

29th Ivrea - Colma Di Mombarone, 20km mountain race, Italy
 Sunday 18th September 2005
(2004 right photo)



Ian Day at the start of stage 1 at King's Lynn supported by Alan Rutterford and Karen Rowe


The stage 3 changeover  at Burnham Overy - John Turner hands over to Gordon Godfrey


Peter Gipp at the start of Stage 4 (Wells) - with his support cyclist Ian Day



The changeover at stage 5 (Salthouse).  Peter Gipp to John Crisp


John Crisp getting into his stride - Stage 5 (Alan Rutterford is support cyclist)





Peter Gipp -
End of stage 4
Stage 5 changeover
Peter to John Crisp
Stage 6 changeover
John to Charlie Barker
Stage 7 changeover
Charlie to Rod Baron
Support Ladies
Julie Foreman,
Karen Rowe, Rachel Kiff and Margaret Barker

Above 5 photos taken by Charlie and Margaret Barker

Max d'Ayala finishes stage 17 (and the race)for Ely

Round Norfolk Relay 24/25th September 2005 - Stages 1 to 7



barker_newforest_oct.jpg (80378 bytes)

Simon Jackson

Charlie Barker

BUPA Great North Run  18th September 2005

New Forest Marathon
Sunday 18th September



Radegund HHH
Loyal supporters (and the largest team entry) since 1991
(with own beer stops)
see www.cantabhash.fsnet.co.uk

Peter Bovill


Keith Mitchell




John Turner
William Clapp (477) leading 2001 winner Stuart Holmes (39) of St Radegund RDC
William Clapp
Ray Harding



Maurice Reed Colin Doak

Ely Runners 15th Grunty Fen Half Marathon -   11th Sept 2005



Peter Bovill - A selection of photos end August-early September

Great Russian Race, Vladivostok to St. Petersburg
28th May 2005 - 8th September 2005



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