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Mike Butler (10m)
John Crawford (20m)
Fran Crawford (10m)
Chass Matharu (20m)

Simon Jackson (20m)

John Crisp (20m)

Hugh Burton (10m)


Bury 20 & nearly 10 - Sunday 26th February 2006

Photos available for purchase from www.derekhaden.com


Ian Day - PB and established new MV35 club record

Adam Etches - PB

Charlie Barker - PB and new MV50 club record

Natalle Coles - PB and new SW club record

Chass Matharu - First 30K race

Adam Etches, Natalle Coles, Charlie Barker & Ian Day

ST Valentines 30K - Stamford 14th February 2006


Steve Harrison, Mike Butler, Steve Tovey, Hugh Burton,
MAx d'Ayala & Eric Drury
Alex Tate &
Stephen Howard
Stephen Howard (I think!)
And Eric Drury
Rachel & Natalle




BACK: John Crisp, Steve Tovey, Mike Butler, Stephen
Howard, Steve Harrison, Kevin Fox, Adam Etches,
Max d'Ayala, Alex Tate, Graham Chapman, Hugh Burton,
 Ian Day, Claire Willer, Rachel Kiff  (think!)
FRONT: Natalle Coles, Charlie Barker, Eric Drury, Peter Gipp
Alfredo Verna

Mary Gates





Alex Tate
Ian Day
Max d'Ayala
Alfredo Verna

John Crisp
Peter Gipp
Adam Etches
Claire Willer

Stephen Howard
Steve Tovey
Charlie & Graham
Charlie Barker

Kevin Fox
Natalle Coles
Rachel Kiff
Mike Butler



Steve Harrison
Mary Gates
Julie Foreman

5th Frostbite Match - Sunday 5th February at Bourne Woods


Ian Day at the half-way point
Ian at the finish

Adam Etches at the half-way point
Adam at the finish

Simon Jackson at the finish
Steve Tovey at half-way & finish

Steve Tovey and Simon Jackson - Half-way
John Crawford finishing

Chass Matharu at the finish


Colin Doak at the finish


Folksworth 15  Mile- Sunday 22nd January 2006

Above photos may be purchased from:-  http://www.eventpics.co.uk/album.html


Ian Day -
Best Marathon

Natalle Coles -
Most improved Woman

Charlie Barker &
Graham Chapman -
Most Improved Men

Rachel Kiff
Most Improved
New Member
Rod Baron & Peter Gipp
Special Awards

AGM Awards - Friday 20th January

Ian Day and Peter Gipp
The Frostbite League match at Ramsey
8th January 2006


Steve Presland
Colin Doak
Wymondham New Year's Day 10K -Sunday 1st Jan 2006



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