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Steve Tovey, Ian Day, Alex Tate, Adam Etches line up at the start -
to be piloted round Cherry Hill Park by John Turner

Stage 1 runners wind their way through Jubilee Gardens

Ian Day
Alex Tate
Peter Gipp waits for
Adam & Steve

Adam Etches
Steve Tovey

Rod advises Alex at the stage 1/ changeover
Crossing at Changeover

Steve Tovey

Rod is finally Off
  John Turner and Alex nearing the end of stage 2

Adam Etches
Rod Baron
Above 28 photos taken by Charlie Barker

  Natalle Coles

Rod to Hugh Burton

Stage gathering

Stephen Howard

Rachel hands over to
Peter Gipp
Above 8 Photos taken by Richard Handoll

Natalle Coles, Rachel Roberts,
Stephen Howard & Tom Bracegirdle at start of stage 4 (Cambridge)
Tom Bracegirdle
End of stage 4
Alex Tate
End of stage 4
Rachel Roberts
End of stage 4

Above 4 photos taken by Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle

Pre-event -gathering at the Paradise centre

Steve Harrison, Mary Gates, Richard Handoll &
Hugh Burton - Stage 3 start
Hugh Burton, John Turner
& Adam Etches -
Start of Stage 3
Hugh, John and
Steve Harrison


Above 4 Photos taken by Tony Hall/Richard Handoll

Pre-Race Gathering at Cherry hill Park
A view of Ely Cathedral
from the start
Ian Day, Steve Tovey, Adam Etches & Alex Tate starting stage 1

Alex,  Ian, Steve & Adam
Steve Tovey & Ian Day
Peter Gipp & Graham Chapman battle it out for 1st place

Charlie Barker
Natalle Coles & Peter Harris

Above 12 photos taken by Rod Baron

Turing Relay Trial - Ely - Cambridge - Ely   Sunday 19th March 2006


Chass Matharu Mike Butler Darren Murfitt

Mondi 15 - Sunday 12th March 2006

Photos available from http://www.racephotography.co.uk/


Hugh Burton
Kevin Fox

Simon Jackson

Simon and Kevin

Milton Keynes half marathon - Sunday 12th March 2006

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Charlie Barker and Natalle Coles

Grindleford Gallop (21 miles) Derbyshire -
Saturday 11th March 2006



Keith Mitchell

Wymondham 20 Miles Road Race
Sunday 5th March




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