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Adam Etches and Natalle Coles on the 165 mile circuit of
Lake Tahoe Rim Trail (N. Nevada/California) 31st Oct 06








Ian Green - Dublin Marathon - Monday 30th October 2006


Stephen Howard
Graham Chapman and Peter Gipp

John Turner
Alan Rutterford
Brian Partridge

Claire Law
Karlos Dedos
Julie Foreman
Kevin Jennings
Beachy Head Marathon - Eastbourne - 28th October 2006
Photos available to purchase from www.marathon-photos.com/index.html



Margaret Bracewell in the Great South Run
Portsmouth - Sunday 22nd October 2006


John Turner in the
Exmoor Stagger

Keith Mitchell in the
Chicago Marathon -

Sunday - 22nd Oct 2006










Daniel Regan in the Cardiff Marathon -  Sunday15th October 2006



Ian Day & John Crisp inspect their prizes
Ian, Charlie Barker
and John
Robert Campbell


Jog Shop Jog - Brighton

North Yorks/Durham
XC League

Sunday 15th October


Ian Day
John Crisp
Glyn Loveday
Peter Gipp

Adam Etches
Matt Ward
Steve Tovey
Ray Harding

John Turner
Rachel Roberts
Joanne Howard
Claire Law &
Julie Foreman

Hugh Burton

Steve Tovey

Charlie Barker, Graham Chapman & Simon Jackson

Natalle Coles

Ian Day &
Stephen Howard
Max d'Ayala &
Adam Etches
Glyn Loveday
Matt Ward

L-R back:- Matt Ward, Joanne Howard, Ian Day, Stephen Howard, Daniel Regan, Steve Tovey, Ian Blatchford, Simon Jackson, Adam Etches, Ray Harding, Kevin Fox, Graham Chapman,  Julie Foreman, Max d'Ayala, Eric Drury, Monika Keith, Tony Hall, Natalle Coles
L-R: front:- Alfredo Verna, John Crisp, Glyn Loveday, Alan Rutterford, Charlie Barker, Hugh Burton, Peter Gipp

Alan Rutterford


Frostbite League (match 1) - St Neots - Sunday 8th October
Photos taken by Karen Roe


Great North Run - 1st October 2006


The Elite Women
Tracey Morris

The Elite Men

Alberta Chaica &
Tewodros Shiferaw
Stefano Baldini &
Wilberforce Talel

Ian Day

The Great North Run - Newcastle - Sunday 1st October 2006
Photos supplied by Ian Day




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