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Simon Jackson in the Shakespeare Marathon - Sunday 29th April 2007


8 rows of photos below taken by Charlie Barker


Lead Females
  Lead Males

Ian Day and Glyn Loveday

Alfredo Verna

Stephen Howard

Ian Day

Stephen Howard


Nicola Bramley

3 photos below supplied by Ian Day and Margaret Bracewell

Ian Day & Glyn Loveday (right)
Margaret Bracewell

Photos below available from
Ian Day
Glyn Loveday
John Crisp
Mike Butler
Stephen Howard

Stephen Tovey

Alfredo Verna
Nicola Bramley
Hugh Burton
Peter Gipp
Margaret Bracewell
John Turner
Lisa Redman
Simon Bottomley
Flora London Marathon - Sunday 22nd April 2007



Ian Blatchford, Lisa Redman, Graham Chapman and John Crisp take part  in the
L’Eurofoulee Andrezieux-Boutheon 10km Road Race - 15th April 2007

Report of the trip by Ian Blatchford


Julie and Mary take a break from
marshal duties at Cambridge
Charles and Stephen
Howard at Cambridge

Angela Chapman  - running for Waterbeach Winners - doubled over at the changeover - anxious team mate looks back!
Steve Barker running for
Witchford Wads Wunners

Alan - sweep cyclist extraordinaire!
JT - doing Race director duties

Rod marks the changeover point
Darren arrives in the nick of time
Gina & Rod - Planning time keeping
tactics at Dimmock's Cote
Rod - deep in concentration

Turing Trail Relay - Sunday 18th March 2007


Taken by R. Baron
Simon Jackson

Kevin Fox

Steve Tovey
Wendy Fox

Milton Keynes Half Marathon - Sunday 11th March 2007
Photos available to purchase from Pro Sport Photos


Ian Day in the Wymondham 20 (left) on 4th March 07 and Oakley 20 (right) on 1st April 07




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