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London Marathon 1999
John Turner, 1999 - 7.5 - 8 miles into

After London Marathon, 18th April 1999 
L-R Eric Drury (sitting), John Fordham 3:42:44, Rob Woods 3:47:50, John Turner 3:30:38, John Allen 3:13:30,
Graham Smith 3:25:36

JT (3054) in Bury St Edmunds 20m,
28th February 1999
JT in SEAA XC Championships,
Hampstead Heath, 30th January 1999

Grunty Fen Half Marathon 13 Sep 1998, Witchford Village College
L-R John Crawford & John Turner recording times; 
Maurice Reed finishing
After First Hereward Relay, Palace Green, Ely, 29th November 1998
L-R Peter Gipp, John Turner, John Fordham, Rob Woods,
Steve Harrison, Peter Harris

Today's Runner XC, Dean's Meadow, Ely, 1 Feb 1998
L-R John Allen & Tim Elkington. Ian Wilson & Steve Harrison,
John Fordham & Peter Gipp, Alfredo Verna & John Turner

At start of Woodditton to Ely
training run, 11 January 1998
L-R  John Fordham, John Turner,
Darren Murfitt, John Allen


Cannon Street, Lt Downham
John Turner, James Setchell, Eddy Green, Tony Hall, John Fordham, Darren Murfitt, Eric Drury, Rob Woods, Ian Wilson, Peter Gipp, Diana Gipp, Kevin Collins, Janet Clarke, Nicola Hector, Alfredo Verna


Group (Eric Drury, Rob Woods, Nicola Hector, Eddy Green), Eddy Green and Tony Hall winning
Eric Drury, Darren Murfitt
& John Turner,
Eddy Green, Eric Drury


Darren Murfitt, John Turner 
Diana Gipp, John Fordham
Diana Gipp & Peter Gipp
John Fordham & Tony Hall

Ely Runners' 10k Handicap, Lt Downham, 21 Dec 1997



Darren Murfitt
& Tim Elkington
Diana Gipp finishing
Diana Gipp
Eric Drury

The finish line
Graham Smith
Graham Smith
on the course
Peter & Hannah Gipp
and Eric Drury

John Fordham, John Crawford, Lenja Drake & Carol Taylor Maurice Reed
(near the start)
Maurice Reed
(Main Street)
Nick Vincent, Darren Murfitt, Carol Taylor
& Lenja Drake

Ramsey RR at Finish
Steve Harrison
 (Race Director)
Steve Harrison
Sue Aldridge by Barry Aldridge's lead vehicle

Tim Elkington and
Darren Murfitt
Colin Bent and
John Crawford
Wheelchair finisher
Above 19 photos taken at the 1997 Grunty Fen

Grunty Fen Half 17th Sep 1995
L-R: John Allen, Carol Taylor, Lenja Drake, Steve Proctor, Angie (JA's girlfriend), SP's girlfriend

East Cambs Half Marathon, Soham, 21st May 1995 (before the race)
L-R: John Turner, Alfredo Verna, Peter Marchant, Maurice Reed, Clive Hall, Janet Clarke (186), David Buckingham, John Allen, John Fordham

Cambs 12k X Champs, Ramsey, 10th Dec.1995 (after the race)
L-R: Alfredo Verna 20th 45:25, John Fordham 46th 51:21, Darren Murfitt 37th 48:06


  JT in British Vets AC XC Champs,
Tunbridge Wells,
27 March 1994

Adrian Graham
Alwen Hall
Arthur Cutter
Bill Spratt (Referee)

Carol Taylor -rt
Dick Hughes (PA)
Fun Run Start
1993 Prizes

John Allen
Rodney Atkinson,
Colin Bent & Stuart
Peter Marchant (rt)
Rodney Atkinson
& daughters

Above 13 photos taken at the 1993 Grunty Fen

Tony King &
Francis (SC)



Cherry Hill, Ely  Feb 1992
Tony Hall leading

John Fordham, John Allen, JT, Abingdon Marathon,
18 Oct 1992.



JT in the World Trail Champs - 80m South Downs Way
29th June 1991

JT, Icknield league 10k XC, Wimpole Hall,
20th Jan 1991

JT in R. Welland, Uffington, TDR XC League,
29 Dec 1991

                       1st Grunty Fen -  15th Sept. 1991
(Top photo before the start, left  to right)
1) 'Dennis of Grunty Fen' a self-appointed comic character who was very popular at the time (hence invited to be the 'Starter') but was in reality Radio Cambridge DJ/folk singer Peter Sayers (since died) & the father of Goldie Sayers the Olympic javelin thrower.
2) Lester Millbank of Radio Cambridge interviewing JT 'on air' - the start was broadcast. Annoyingly it was delayed whilst they 
 finished playing a record. They weren't asked again!
3) JT (Race Director)
4) Geoffrey Turner (results 'runner')

Tony King Official SEAA Course Measurer.
John Turner assisting.

Tony Hall -
Part of the measurement team

Tony King on his
calibrated bike - JT again providing support

Tony Hall again

Official measurement of the first Grunty Fen Course - Summer 1991

Tony Hall in the Swavesey Half - 1991
Tony Hall in the St. Neots Half - May 1991

Today's Runner XC League race at Ely, Cherry Hill & Deans Meadow course - Sunday 17th February 1991
Steve Proctor 47, J McMahon (crouched), Nick Vincett (face),  
    Colin Bent 41, Carol Taylor 42, David Buckingham,
    Mandy Cave 45, Peter Marchant,  Liz Lambert 44,
    Chris Baker 52  (1st Ely Runner, 18th), Tony Hall,
    Rodney Atkinson 50, John Crawford, Clive Hall 48
There were 92 runners & Ely Runners were 6th of 6 teams!

Cherry Hill, Ely  1990, ER Team.
Back:- Rodney Atkinson, Colin Bunting, Tony Hall,
Clive Hall, Peter Marchant, John Crawford, John Turner
Front:- Colin Bent, Mick Burton


Ely Half Marathon - 29th Aug 1988
Rodney Atkinson, Carol Taylor, Tony Hall


St. Neots Half 25th May 1988
Tony Hall  1:29:56


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