18 - 19 mile Woodditton Run (Click to enlarge the small thumbnail images)

Sunday 19th December 2010


Photos by Tony Hall -     Album


Sunday 20th December 2009


Photos by Marion Comley -     Album


Sunday 16th December 2008


Various photos by different photographers -     Album 1     Album 2     Album 3


Sunday 16th December 2007

Various photos by different photographers - click here to see December 2007 Photos


Sunday 17th December 2006

Various en-route photos by different photographers -
click    here to see December 2006 Photos


Sunday 11th December 2005

Steve & Mary Gates,
Tony Hall &
Julie Foreman (right)
Tony Hall, Max d'Ayala
& Hugh Burton
John Crisp,
Tony and Hugh
JT welcomes Hugh Burton, a new member.
Peter Harris (left)
Above photos taken by Ian Blatchford


Meet up at the Paradise

Graham Chapman

At Woodditton preparing for the run


L-R Graham Chapman, Peter Harris, Peter Gipp,
Adam Etches, Matt Hallissey, Claire Willer, Rod Baron, John Turner, Stephen Howard, Matt Hall, John Crisp

Pre-run stretching
check point 1 (Reach)
L-R Ian Blatchford,
Torsten Lytken, Max d'Ayala, Peter Bovill

Fruit cake awaits the hungry runners at
check point 1

Adam Etches


Peter Gipp, Stephen Howard & Matt Hall

Rod Baron, John Crisp, Claire Willer &
Matt Hallissey
John Turner

Peter Harris


Graham Chapman
Departing Check point 1
Arrival at Checkpoint 2
Rod inspects the orange juice


  Stephen Howard arriving at checkpoint 3
Matt Hallissey and
John Crisp
Graham Chapman

Peter Bovill & Claire Willer

Peter Harris &
John Turner
Hugh Burton, Matt Hallissey and Peter Bovill at the finish


Sunday 19th December 2004



Torsten, Peter G, Adam, Stephen and Chris
(Max following) - approaching check point 1

Rod Baron, John T and Richard Handoll
at the Finish




(Including Rod Baron)

The start at Woodditton


Front: Charlie Barker, Torsten Lytken, Adam Etches
Rear:  Peter Gipp, Ian Blatchford, John Fordham,
John Turner, Chris Rayment, Richard Handoll,
Graham Chapman





The Reach check point

Charlie & Graham come in
followed by Richard

 Natalle, John & Ian

Ready for the Off




Upware Sluice check point
Tony Hall, Graham, John, Peter Bovill,
Natalle Coles, Charlie & Richard

The Finish: John. Tony, Richard & Graham




December 2003
The following photos are FULL SIZE (no need to click to enlarge)
















24th Feb 2002


L-R: Mark Turner, Peter Harris, Steve Harrison, John Allen, John Turner, Spencer(dog), Ian Blatchford, Dianan Gipp, Charlie Barker, Kevin Ross, William Clapp


 23rd December 2001



The Start: -L-R Robert Campbell, John Turner, Charlie Barker, Adam Etches, Diana Gipp, Peter Gipp and Darren Murfitt
At Reach Green:- L-R Diana Gipp, Adam Etches, Peter Gipp, Darren Murfitt, Charlie Barker, Robert Campbell & John Turner

Above photos -  - 19.5 mile run to Ely (-5 to -6 deg!)


24th December 2000


Sunday 24th December 2000 at Woodditton
L-R Steve Harrison, John Turner (pulled up 6 miles with pulled muscle), Mike Johnson, Peter Harris, Charlie Barker


11th January 1998



Sunday 11 January 1998 at Woodditton
John Fordham, John Turner, Darren Murfitt, John Allen




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