Cambridge Road Race League

The provisional fixture list of 8 events is as shown below:
Sunday 10 April               Fred Wright Memorial 10k, 1100 Harry Smith Community College, Whittlesey 6.50 (EOD +1),
Sunday 15 May               Eye 10k, 1100, Junior School, Eye, 6 (EOD +1), email, tel 01733 2522016
Sunday 10 July               Ramsey 12k, 1030 Ailwyn School, Ramsey, 7 (EOD +2)
Sunday 17 July               St Ives 10k (County Championships), 1030 St Ivo Outdoor Leisure Centre, 7 (EOD +2), email
Sunday 14 August           Thorney 5 miles (County Championship)
Wednesday 31 August     NVH 5k, Ferry Meadows, Peterborough
Sunday 11 September    Grunty Fen Half Marathon (County & EVAC Championships), 1030 Witchford Village College
Sunday 30 October         Fenland 10 miles (County & EVAC Championships), 1100 Marshland High         School, West Walton, Wisbech
Club standings calculated on best 7 event results of 8 events
Individual standings on best 5 event results from 8 events
1st 3 men's and 1st 3 women's teams
1st 3 individual men and 1st 3 individual women
These will be posted on the NVH web site:
Race results to or by post to Ray Church, 30 Muskam, Bretton, Peterborough. PE3 9XU    (tel 01733 260716)
Ely Runners' performances in previous CRRL
This an interesting league in which the club has featured prominently in previous years. In both 2003 and 2004 Ely Runner's men's team were 3rd of 25 teams and Ely Runners' women improved from 17th in 2003, to 9th of 23 teams in 2004. In the individual men's event in 2004, Alex Tate was 1st, Maurice Reed 10th, and Alan Rutterford 12th. The first Ely Runners' woman in 2004 was Karen Foreman who was 26th. In 2003, Stephen Howard was 5th, Maurice 9th and Alan Rutterford 10th in the Individual men's event. In 2000, 2001 and 2003, Diana Gipp was 1st woman, a hat trick for which she was presented with an Ely Runner's' Special Achievement Award at the 2003 AGM. In 2002, Diana also won 5 of the 6 CRRL races in which she competed!


Ely Men 3rd of 25 Teams
Alex Tate (2nd Claim Ely Runner) 1st Man
After completion of this 8 race series, Ely Runners Men finished 3rd of 25 participating teams with 191.5 points behind 1st PAC (209 points), 2nd Nene Valley Harriers (200 points), and ahead of 4th Werrington Joggers (183 points).
Ely Runners Ladies finished 9th of 23 participating teams with 159 points. The winning Ladies team was Werrington Joggers with 205 points.
The Men's individual result were based on the best of 5 races and produced a 1st for local runner Alex Tate (8 points in 5 races) who ran for his 1st claim club Muddy Mucky Monkeys but is also a 2nd claim member of Ely Runners. The scoring Ely Runners were 10th Maurice Reed (5 races),12th Alan Rutterford (5 races), 21st John Turner (5 races), 37th Stephen Howard (4 races), 60th Max D'Ayala (3 races), and Ian Day 62nd (3 races).
In the Ladies individual results, also based on the best of 5 races, the scoring Ely Runners were 26th Karen Foreman (4 races), 40th Fran Crawford (3 races), and Birgitta Bramley 47th (2 races).


Ely Runners' men finished 3rd of 31 teams (best 8 of 9 races) with 217 points, not far behind 1st place Peterborough AC with 237 points and 2nd place Nene Valley Harriers with 235 points. Riverside Runners were 4th and Werrington Joggers 5th. For a small club like Ely Runners, this was a good result against strong opposition.

Improving Stephen Howard was the highest placed individual runner at 5th place with 84 points. Then followed Maurice Reed 9th/139 points, Alan Rutterford 10th/210 points and John Turner 15th/286 points. No other Ely Runners completed the required 6 races to register a score.

Ely Runners' ladies finished 17th of 30 teams, however in the individual ratings, none completed 6 or more qualifying races, although Birgitta Bramley finished in 70th place.