Members present (24): Peter Gipp, Peter Harris, John Turner, Eric Drury, Adam Etches, Darren Murfitt, Fran Crawford, John Crawford, John Fordham, Stephen

Howard, Torsten Lytken, Alan Rutterford. Rod Baron, Matthew Hall, Charlie Barker, Natalie Coles, Karen Foreman, Sarah Sharpe, Max D'Ayala, Lana Chalmers, Andrew Rowson. Chris Rayment, James Wilson, Kevin Collins.

Apologies (9): Ian Blatchford, William Clapp, Rodney Atkinson. Tony Hall, Peter Boville, Nicola Hector, Diana Gipp, Nicola Finn, Deborah Jennings

Chairman's Opening remarks on 2003

1. Chairman Peter Gipp opened the meeting at 7:36 pm. He said it had been a successful year with many new members and excellent club events.

Minutes of the 2003 AGM

2. These were taken as read as they had been circulated in the June 2003 Newsletter and were attached to the 2004 AGM agenda.

Matters arising from the 2003 AGM minutes

3. John Turner said: (a) Members now had free changing and showers at the Paradise after training and racing. (b) The Paradise had refused to have an outside Ely Runners HQ plate. (c) The medals for the CAA XC 3rd team had been engraved. (d) No one had volunteered to understudy Fran Crawford as Grunty Fen Race Director. (e) Fran Crawford was thanked for organising another successful Grunty Fen Half Marathon in 2003.

Treasurers report year ending 31 Dec 2003

4. Peter Harris presented details of income and expenditure for the club, Grunty Fen, and 10k races with stock valuations and a balance sheet. Net surplus of income over expenditure in 2003 was 2,037.96 compared to 2,052.02 :in 2002. The accumulated fund balance was 7,517.25 in 2003 compared to 5,479.27 in 2002. The 2003 Grunty Fen Half Marathon operational loss was 185.19 but after adjustment for sponsorship income (975.00), there was an overall profit of 789.81 compared to 846.34 in 2002. The 2003 NYE 10k made a profit of 1,869.05 compared to 1,956.45 in 2002.

5. Peter Harris appreciated that the 2003 surplus was at a similar level as in 2002. The main income had been especially from the NYE 10k and also from the Grunty Fen. There had been additional expenditure in 2003: Paradise changing, coaching courses, more social events, and car expenses for the Hereward Relay and long training run from Woodditton.

6. The club currently had 59 members of which 19 joined but 12 left in 2003. In 2000, there had only been 20 members. Membership was good value because the subscription income covered only about half the club's expenditure.

7. In 2003 there had been a small profit on kit sales compared to a small loss in 2002.

8. There had been a few more entries in the 2003 Grunty Fen than in 2002. As the Round Norfolk Relay had been on the same day, there were less club runners in the Grunty fen but unattached entries had increased from 130 in 2002 to 214 in 2003. The loss without sponsorship was less than in 2002 but it still remained a big and expensive event at risk of an overall loss without sponsorship. Peter Harris thanked John Fordham for his sponsorship.

9. The NYE 10k had more entries in 2003 than 2002 but the finishers' beer was more expensive and additional expenses included the hire of the Village Hall and paramedics.

10. The stock and balance sheets were presented. There was provision of

2,401.08 earmarked for the Grunty Fen based on 2001-2003 surpluses of income because these were only as a result of sponsorship.

11. A deposit account had not yet been opened due to 'High Street' interest on club accounts being very low. A savings account would be better but possibly subject to corporation tax. John Fordham said a Scottish Widows account paid 3% interest. The deposit account situation would be checked and resolved.

12. John Turner said the club appreciated Peter Harris' detailed presentation of the club's accounts which were accepted (pJT/sCB).

Secretary's report

13. John Turner said that apart from lower CRRL turn-outs by members, 2003 had been a busy year: (a) Club's 2nd place in the Frostbite League. (b) In addition to the CRRL, CAA and EVAC Championships, the Grunty Fen had included the RRC Championships -the club's first national event. (c) Five teams in the Hereward Relay (lst Vets) plus marshalling and setting up the finish area in Ely. (d) Two training evenings with pub suppers organised by Peter Gipp at Mepal and Alan Rutterford at Haddenham, (e) Riverside pub lunch after the St Ives 10k organised by Nicola Finn and Deborah Jennings. (f) 10k Handicap (won by Deborah Jennings) followed by sandwiches and chips et the Albert (g) Six vet members running for JTSD had been 1st vets/10th overall in the 2003 Chariots of Fire Relay. (h) 34 members and friends had attended the Christmas drinks at the Albert.

I4. Training turn-outs reflected increased membership and enthusiasm with 10-15 regularly attending on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

15. There were 10 members entered into the 2004 London Marathon.

16. Four members had been entered into the 2004 SEAA XC at Parliament Hill, London and the English National XC Championships at Temple Newsham, Leeds.

17. With most members on-line, email communication had helped enormously, especially with more members. It was requested that members checked their emails regularly and responded quickly.

18. A record entry for the 2004 Grunty Fen was anticipated, especially as the Round Norfolk Relay was the following Sunday. The Grunty Fen would again be in the Advance Performance 'Run the A1 Series' with substantial sponsorship and support from Mizuno. The British Heart Foundation will support the Series charity and receive 25p per entry.

19. The club will be considering entry into more relay events in 2004 including the SEAA and English Road Relay Championships, the Green Belt Relay etc.

20. Club kit was available to purchase after the meeting and booklets on display included: UKA Rules for Competition, RRC/TRA 2004 Long Distance Directory, UKA XC Handbook, FRA Fixtures and Handbook, English XC Association Handbook 2003-04.

21 The Secretary's report was accepted (pTL/sMH)

Election of Officers and Committee Members

22. Peter Gipp was re-elected Chairman (pJT/sDM).

23. John Turner was re-elected Secretary with responsibility for Training and

Event Management (PG/sTL)

24. Peter Harris was re-elected Treasurer (pPG/sJF).

25. Eric Drury was re-elected as Logisitics Member for team support, equipment

storage and maintenance, and course marking (pJT/sKC).

26. Ian Blatchford was re-elected i/c Club Website and Press Reports (pJT/sCB).

27. Rod Baron was elected i/c Race Entries and Results (pJT/sMH).

28. Torsten Lytken was elected Team Captain (pPG/sJT).

29. Darren Murfitt was re-elected i/c Event Marshals (pPG/sFC).

30. Alan Rutterford was elected Sponsorship Co-ordinator and i/c Event Water

and Sponge Stations (pRH/sFC)


Review of Club Subscription

31. In view of the club's current financial standing, it was agreed that this

should stay at l0 (pPH/sMH)


Grunty Fen Half Marathon

32. The 14th Grunty Fen was confirmed for Sun 12 Sep 04 (pJT/sKC) and the15th Grunty Fen proposed for Sun 11 Sep 05. As no one had volunteered to replace Fran Crawford as Race Director, John Turner expressed that, as Events Manager, he would require a high level of commitment from members responsible for tasks. He said Advanced Performance had asked for the 2004 Grunty Fen to be part of the AP/Mizuno sponsored 'Run the A1' series on beha1f of the British Heart Foundation to which the club would donate 25p per entry.

33. John Turner mentioned that the club might bid to include the AAA of England Half Marathon Championships in 2005.

34. It was confirmed that the club 10k Handicap would be on Thu 17 Jun 04 with St Radegund Hash House Harriers as guests (pJT /sTL).

35. It was confirmed that the club would assist March AC with the 2004 Hereward Relay by marshalling from the bypass to the finish and set up the finish area.

Also that the club would examine ways of making the A10 crossing safer (KC/AR).

36. It was confirmed that the club would hold the 2004 New Year's Eve 10k Road Race with the same successful entry limits and controls as 2003 (pPG/sSS).

37. It was decided to continue with membership of the Frostbite Friendly League for the 2004/05 season (PPG/sDM),

Award of Club Trophies - Presented by Eric Drury

36. The Eric Drury Shield for the Most Improved Runner was awarded to Alan Rutterford for outstanding effort and improvement (with numerous PBs) in 2003. Others considered by the Committee were Stephen Howard, Torsten Lytken, Deborah Jennings (winner of Handicap), Karen Foreman, Kevin Jennings, and Natalle Coles.

39. The Eric Drury Cup for the Best Marathon was awarded to Stephen Howard for being l0th in 3:21 (best place and time by an ER) in the 2003 Beachy Head (formerly Seven Sisters) Marathon. Matthew Hall was also seriously considered by the Committee for his 2:53 time in the 2003 London Marathon, the best time by an Ely Runner for several years. John Turner put Stephen's performance into perspective by mentioning that the BHM include 3.500' of climb, numerous styles and gates. plus two steep flights of steps. This meant it could take about 40 minutes longer than a road marathon and Stephen's time was only 2 minutes

slower than his 3: 19 in the 2003 London Marathon. John Turner read part of an article from 'Runners World' which said that it was a struggle to run the last 8m of the BHM quicker than the first 18m and the Seven Sisters presented a 'wall' like no other.

40. The redesignated (from Most Races Competed) Eric Drury Cup for the Best

Half Marathon was awarded to Torsten Lytken for his 4th/162 in 1:22:24 in the Brandon Forest Trail Half Marathon plus his 18thl772 in 1:22:16 in the St Neot's Half Marathon. Other excellent 2003 half marathon performances by members which had been considered by the Committee were:

Linton (220 ran)

Peter Gipp 18th/1:25:27 and John Crisp 19th/1:25:31

Nelson (New Zealand)

FV54 Janice Evans in 1:50:07 (PB by over 6 mins)

Sandringhams (trail, 222 ran)

Stephen Howard 10th/l:27:16 and Kevin Ross 11th/1:27:33 (lst MV40)

East Cambs (80 ran}

Matthew Hall 5th/1:23:18 (lst E. Cambs Runner) and John Crisp 7th/l:26:54

Brandon Forest Trail (trail, 162 ran}
Mathew Hall 5th/1:22:48

Bedford (133 ran)
Maurice Reed 6th/1 :29:48

Wissey (148 ran)

Derren Murfitt 31st/1:30:03 8nd Alan Rutterford 32nd/1:30:32 (PO by 4.5 min)

Grunty Fen (410 ran)

Torsten Lytken 25th/1:22:35

Stansted Slog (South Downs, hilly trail, 200 ran)
Stephen Howard 6th/1:30:50


Derren Murfitt 10th/1:27:09 (best 13.1m time for 2 years)

St Neot's

Alan Rutterford 69th/1:29:24 (PB)

Club Membership of Paradise Centre

41. It was agreed to continue with the enhanced club membership of the Paradise Centre for members to change and shower FOC after training and events (pPG/sAR)

Honorary Memberships

42. Tony Hall (69) had become an Honorary Member during 2003 and at the AGM
The following members were proposed and accepted to become Honorary Members:

John Fordham (67) for many excellent vet performances (to MV60+ age re1ated National standard), long term sponsorship of the Grunty Fen, and kindness, friendship and support to younger members (pJT/sDM).

Eric Drury (61) for long supporting club events including course marking, marshalling and use of his van. Also for race/training support, sponsorship, trophies, help and kindness to members, and for running numerous PBs in his early years with the club (pJT/sDM).

43. Subject to the Treasurer's advice on a threshold reserve of funds, moderate expenditure was approved (pPG/sKC) for consideretion by the Committee on:

a. GPS recorder from Advance Performance at about 220 less the club's accumu1ated incentive fund of about 131. Torsten Lytken to evaluate.

( Torsten Lytken subsequently found a GPS recorder could be bought from the USA for about 80 and was given one which he has kindly made available for club use).

b. Tent for use at club events and relays etc.

c. Subsidised wind proof/shower proof jackets in club colours.

d. Food and bar floats for after the 10k Handicap and for the Christmas Drinks

at The Prince Albert.

e. Club entries for relays, league memberships, and championships.

f. Adam Etches to assess, report and develop coaching facilities for the club.

g. Contribution from the Grunty Fen to the Meningitis Trust to reflect the

involvement of Helen Smith (a meningitis counsellor and representative for

Anglia TV) in the Grunty Fen wheelchair event.

Kit Logos

44. Sarah Sharpe suggested the club could change the ER logo on the back of

race vests to the front and put the club Ely Cathedral logo on the back. In view of the amount of stock, work and cost required, this was not taken further but Charlie Barker said the Ely Cathedral logo could be used on the proposed club jackets.

Any Other Business

45. John Turner requested that subs be paid to Peter Harris after the meeting.

46. Alan Rutterford said some members could wear brighter colours for training

at night. Chris Rayment questioned if runners should keep left or face oncoming traffic. Kevin Collins said that Newmarket Joggers have to wear reflective kit and it was issued if they did not have any. John Turner said a white t-shirt

was best because it was visible irrespective of the direction of light source

and did not make runners look as 'special' as those with reflective bands which, from pest experience, can attract hooligan drivers. As members usually wore

light or reflective kit at night, had reflective shoes, and were normally careful, no further action was considered necessary.

46. A railway book Through the Ranks on the Southern was presented to John Turner on behalf of the club by Peter Gipp.

47. There being no other business, Peter Gipp closed the meeting at 8:54 pm.