Monday 16th February 2015 at 7:30 pm
Paradise Centre Meeting Room


Present (27): Alan Cushing, Alan Rutterford, Amanda Earlam, Ashley Blackmore, Ben Cook, Céline Aubry, Charlotte Cook, Conan Fryer, Emily Knight,Fletcher Collins-Shirley, Gordon Irvine, Graham Chapman, John Turner, KierenDrane, Laura Hill, Maggie Chapman, Mark Bell, Matthew Mason, Max D'Ayala, Nick Dowdy, Peter Harris, Richard Hill, Ross Payne, Samantha Collins-Shirley, Simon Nightingale, Stephen Howard, Zoe Shackleton

Apologies (17): Darren Murfitt, Barry Graves, Craig Holgate, Bob Shortland, Lionel Smith, Steve Tovey, Alfredo Verna, Bob Shorland, Alan Darby, John Crawford, Steve Starr, Sarah Edwards, Andy Thompson, Lee Thompson, Amie & Shashi Righton, Eric Drury, Leslie Wright

  1. Chairman’s opening remarks and apologies (SH)

    Chairman Stephen Howard declared the meeting open at 7:30pm and welcomed members to the meeting, thanking members for attending.

    The chairman gave an overview of the structure of the club’s management. He described the role of the three elected club officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) as those ultimately responsible for the business of the club; the elected committee and events working group who work together to deliver the objectives of the club; and the membership who elect the above and enable the club to exist.

    The chairman then explained the core activities of the club, and how they form our interaction within the club and without: organised training, club events, open events, competition and beginners. Helping members and non members achieve their goals in running. He highlighted the recent well attended club cross country race as an example of the club successfully working together to achieve these goals.

    As a finishing thought, the Chairman raised the consideration of matching resources to objectives, and warned that the danger of overstretching ourselves would be a reduction in quality of what we do.

    Awards were then presented to junior members:

    • Most improved Male Junior 2014 (AR, SCS) : Fletcher Collins-Shirley – Present to Collect Award
    • Most improved Female Junior 2014 (AR, SCS) : Dana Fraser – Not present, award held by SCS
  2. Matters arising from the 2014 minutes

    (See AGM page)

    None arising.

  3. Treasurer’s report (PH)

    The Treasurer presented detailed Income and expenditure accounts for the club overall, the Grunty Fen Half Marathon and the New Years Eve 10K, which showed surpluses of £7,283.80, £3,804.37 and £1,944.46 respectively for the year ended 31st December 2014. Significant differences from the previous year were highlighted and explained, where appropriate.

    Details of kit stock were also included, showing a reasonable profit for the year, after small deficits in the previous two years.

    Finally, the club Balance Sheet as at 31st December 2014 was presented. This showed net assets of £61,038.73, represented by a General Fund of £38,124.24 and earmarked accumulated Track Fund of £22,914.49, which included interest and additional income since the original £20,000 was set aside.

    The Treasurer indicated that the club was in a very secure financial position, having accumulated funds with continuing surpluses over many years; moreover, after recent increases in subscription income, the club had become less dependent upon the profits from its two race events, although they still provided substantial income for the club.

  4. Secretary’s report (RH)

    Some membership statistics:

    • Up from 254 Dec 2013 to 290 Dec 2014 – up 14%.
    • 330 Dec 15?
    • Average Age remains c. 34
    • Juniors remain 28%
    • Female membership up 5% from 38% to 43%
    • Membership continues to be mostly residents of Ely, Littleport and Soham.

    Beginners are a continued success and now important part of the club, 9th course running now. Conversion rate of beginners graduates to full membership is much improved since committee agreed in october to deduct beginners fee from membership fee should they join – a record 5 new members from 8th course. Sportivate Initiative 2013/14: Government supported scheme to encourage under represented 16-24 yrs into sport. Sadly not continued after one presentation due to low attendance and interest. This was a pattern mirrored across other similar projects in the region.

    Racing: a brief summary in advance of the captain's report. 2014 saw members achieve:

    • 401 PBs
    • 26 wins, 14 in open competition
    • Word Championship Bronze medal
    • Numerous team wins and medals (including the ARC Long Distance Relay Championship)
    • 37 Club Records

    Secretary said thank you to everyone for helping settle in to the club and committee over the past 18 months, for personal encouragement in running. In particular, thanks to former Secretary Steve Tovey for all his ongoing help with various aspects of club admin. A final reminder to pay subscriptions due.

  5. Training report (JT)

    As proposed at 2014 AGM, different levels of voluntary training thresholds now integrated in to Tue/ Thu programme:

    • Open – at least 42 min 10k or 7 m/m
    • Club – at least 56 min 10k or 9 m/m
    • Development – over 56 min 10k or 9 m/m – ideal for ex-Beginners.

    Training well attended often with about 40 seniors and 40 juniors + coaches on Tuesdays plus improved senior turnouts on Thursdays and Sundays. Just before Christmas about 45 members took part in the Woodditton training runs, with the majority completing the full 30k.

    Beginner’s courses, under Lionel’s devoted care, continue to be popular with several joining the seniors and progressing quickly to higher standards, such as Shashi Righton. Thanks to Lionel and his several helping coaches.

  6. Team captain’s report (JT)

    Many strong individual performances at all levels but notably Craig Holgate has continued to win ultra-events and represent his country and other 1sts included Kieren Drane’s Lode HM win.

    Our 10kH, 1mH & DG 3k/5k events all enjoyed good entries and competition.

    Good turnouts for the 2014 Kevin Henry 5k League and, all being well, we will host the August event this year – our first time.

    In the FFL series, seniors are currently 8/16 and juniors 7/15. Good senior performances by: Tom Bracegirdle 3rd at St Neots, Alex Tate 4th at Bushfield, Gordon Irvine 7th at March. Also strong performances from Sadie Spring, Ross Webb, Robin Webb, Richard Hill, Stephen Howard & Conan Fryer. In the junior races, Gareth Lewis improved to 7th at Bourne Woods with strong series support from Fletcher Collins-Shirley, James Dack and Dana Fraser.

    In the RNR, our A team were 2nd overall/open and 1st in the ARC LDR Championships. Gordon Irvine, Alan Darby, Tom Bracegirdle, Zoe Shackleton & Kieren Drane all won their stages. Thanks to our A and B team managers:

    • A-team Richard Hill and Laura Hill with Steve Tovey and Emily Knight
    • B-team: Sarah Edwards and Steve Starr with Ashley Blackmore and Andy Thompson

    With the club paying entry fees for championships, there has been an encouraging entries for championship events: We had a record 34 seniors/over 20s and 12 juniors in the County XC at St Neots and won some medals. Zoe Shackleton was 7th overall (2nd FV35), Alan Darby was 8th overall, Stephen Howard was 1st MV50 and both our women’s and men’s vet teams were 3rd.

    Four members (4) travelled to Brighton for the hilly SEAA XC Championships in January.

    For our Club XC Championships on Cherry Hill Park and the Dean’s Meadow, a record 51 members entered (26 men, 10 women and 15 juniors) of which 46 ran.

    Next Saturday, 12 members take part in the National XC Championships at Parliament Hill.

    On 15/3 we have the private/invitation TTR and, if approved by this meeting I look forward to having several teams.

    Looking forward, it would be a club first to enter the SEAA Road Relay Championships (men 12-stage and women 6 stage) at Milton Keynes on 29th March. Standards are high but the RNR has shown we have the ability to do this. Recommended minimum standards are men 6.5 m/m and women 8 m/m. Many other E Region clubs enter this event.

  7. Coach’s report (AR)

    Head Coach Alan Rutterford identified a need to continue recruiting and training coaches, especially for juniors but also for Beginners Group attendees. He acknowledged the significant contribution made by parent helpers. AR stated that he intended to visit Ramsey Road Runners in the near future, for an exchange of coaching knowledge/ skills; and also stated hope to engage Paul Evans in a visit to our club.

  8. Junior section report (SCS)

    Junior Section Secretary Samantha Collins-Shirley outlined how attendance was often as high as 45, and that appropriately vetted seniors and parents were an integral part of training sessions to help control large groups. SCS requested clarification of the DBS requirement for parent volunteers; RH confirmed that it was required for regular volunteers. 2014 saw the club adopt a Safeguarding and Welfare policy, which is now displayed on the notice board. The next step is emergency contacts cards for junior coaches and helpers to carry. SCS requested purchase of starting blocks be considered, with a view to preparing for CAA Development meetings at the track in St Ives from May. There was discussion with regard to the gradually increasing number of older juniors, several of whom are involved as a DofE requirement, and it was acknowledged that a safe route for integrating into senior training was desirable.

  9. Election of Committee of three officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) and nine members:

    • Chairman - Stephen Howard (pRH; sJT)
    • Secretary/Membership/Website Databases - Richard Hill (pSH; sZoe Shackleton)
    • Treasurer – Matthew Mason (pPH; sLaura Hill)
    • Training & Club Captain - John Turner (pRH; sGraham Chapman)
    • Club Website – Amanda Earlam (pGordon Irvine; sMark Bell)
    • Social Secretary & Beginners Representative - Lionel Smith (pRH; sAshley Blackmore)
    • Ladies Representative – Zoe Shackleton (pRH; sSCS)
    • Club Welfare Officer – Emma Greaves (pRH; sEmily Knight)
    • Club Time Keeper/Watches & Club Kit - Emily Knight (pRH; sKieren Drane
    • Head Coach - Alan Rutterford (pRH; sLaura Hill)
    • Junior Section Secretary - Samantha Collins-Shirley (pRH; sJT)
    • Race Results – Claire Geary (pRH;sAmanda Earlam
    • Race Reports, Press Liaison & Newsletter Editor - vacant
  10. Election of Events Working Group

    • Race Director Grunty Fen HM - John Crawford (pRH; sSH)
    • Race Director NYE 10k - vacant
    • Deputy Race Director Open Events – vacant
    • Race Director KHL – Claire Geary (pRH; sEK)
    • Open Event Sponsorship – Jon Evans (pRH; sSH)
    • Course Director Open Events - Martin Courtney (pRH, sSH)
    • Race Entries – Kate Shepherd (pRH; sLaura Hill)
    • Race Websites and Results - Amanda Earlam (pGordon Irvine; sMark Bell
    • Club Events (XC, TTR, 10kH, 1mH) - vacant
    • Chief Marshal Open Events – Charlotte Cook (pRH; sSH)
    • Chief Time Keeper & Place Keeping – Emily Knight (pRH;sZS)
    • Assistant to Chief Marshal - Darren Murfitt (pRH; sSH)
    • Start/Finish Areas & Place Keeper – Emma Greaves (pRH; sAmanda Earlam)
    • Event Refreshments - vacant
    • Assistant to Course Director (set up/clear) - Eric Drury (pJT; sSH)
    • Frostbite Manager - Alan Rutterford (pRH; sEK)
    • RNR Open Class Team Manager – Richard Hill (pSH; sGordon Irvine)
    • RNR Club Class Team Managers – Sarah Edwards, Steve Starr, Ashley Blackmore (pRH; sSH)
    • Hereward Relay Team Manager - No longer applicable due to decision later in meeting not to enter teams in Hereward Relay
    • Photographer (Events & Websites) & Trophies - Charlie Barker (pRH; sSH)
  11. Discussion of new club initiatives for 2015

    Open discussion. Various topics: KHL, Relay events (GBR, SEAA 12/6 Stage, SEAA 4 Stage, SEAA XC, Cambs. AA T&F, SEAA Fell Champs, Club events: Handicap Training races (JT agrees to include in training, Track ‘taster session’ (Ashley Blackmore to enquire)

  12. Consideration of donations (PH)

    £500 for Little Downham Village Hall/ Pavilion – more information required - withdrawn

    £1000 for Tommy’s Pregnancy Charity, to mark international success of Craig Holgate in 2014 – sKD; Carried

  13. Proposal (RH) To align membership subscription period with England Athletics Registration period i.e. April to March rather than January to December as at present. The current 2015 subscription due dates up to 31st March are not affected.

    It was explained that this means the 2015 subscription year due to end on 31st December 2015 will be extended free of charge to 31st March 2016.

    sSH; Carried

  14. Proposal (MD) That the joining fee for Juniors should only include the additional cost of a vest, and not shorts.

    sRH; Carried

    Chairman initiated a ‘tester vote’ to see how the assembled felt about applying the same change to seniors, and the majority were in favour.

  15. Proposal (PH) To extend concessionary half-rate subscriptions currently available to members under 18 to members who's 25th birthday falls no later than the end of the subscription year.

    sRH; Carried

  16. Proposal (RH) To hold AGM in February or March each year, rather than January or February.

    sSH; Carried

  17. Proposal (RH) To allow committee to co opt non members to working groups, to be known as supporting members, subject to annual renewal at AGM.

    Stephen Howard clarified that this would include renewal of the proposed status for Jon Evans who had been approved on this basis by committee in year, subject to AGM approval

    sSH; Carried

  18. Proposal (PH) To allow the committee to appoint an additional signatory on the club current account who is neither Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. - John Turner as a current addition.

    sSH; Carried

  19. Proposal (PH) to keep membership fees for 2016 at £20 seniors aged 25+; £10 Juniors (U17) and £10 Young persons (18-24) (PH). (depends on decision above.)

    Withdrawn as resultant of proposals 13 and 16 being adopted, 2016 AGM would now be the appropriate time to review membership fee rate from 1st April 2016.

  20. Proposal (MD) In team races under UKA rules only the registered vest design of a black vest with yellow side panels be worn by club members.

    There was a lengthy discussion, and a request for clarification from the committee.

    sRH; Defeated (significant abstentions)

  21. Renewal of Affiliations/Joining (RH)

    • ARC - and continue with open event ARC permits
    • ABAC - represents and lobbies for interests of clubs (Lobby group affiliated to ARC)
    • UKA - individual EA registrations (£12 for 2015-16) are now being paid by members if required
    • SEAA Competitions Ltd - provides championships in the SE region
    • CAA - provides championships for Cambridgeshire
    • GCAN - Greater Cambridge Network of Clubs, especially to support Juniors
    • Friends of the Roman Road & Fleam Dyke

    sJT; Carried

  22. Authorise Committee & EWG (SH) to organise the following events:

    • Turing Trail Relay (3rd Sunday in March) 2014 Private Club Event with other teams by invitation only
    • Club 10k Handicap on 2ndThursday in June
    • Club One Mile Handicap on 2nd Thursday in July
    • KHL 5k Race on 1st or second Thursday in August
    • Grunty Fen Half Marathon on 2nd Sunday in September including (if offered) the ARC Championships, Cambs County Championships, and Cambs Road Race League
    • New Year’s Eve 10k on 31st December – Subject to Race Director coming forward
    • Club Cross-Country Championships on a Sunday morning in January/February 2016

    sRH; Carried

  23. Authorise the Committee (SH) to enter the club for relay, team and league events, including:

    • Round Norfolk Relay (Open and Club Teams) and stage 14-15 changeover with 4-5 staff
    • National, Regional, Area and County Championships including relays
    • Frostbite Friendly League
    • Hereward Relay (including helping March AC with marshalling
    • Kevin Henry 5k League

    SH proposed that the Hereward Relay was a disproportionate burden for the club at a time of year when the club would do better regaining it’s resources between GFHM and NYE 10k. Members would be welcome to organise their own entry to the event, but it was proposed that be struck from the list for vote. sRH; Carried.

  24. Annual review and re-approval of the £20,000 set aside for the Track Fund (JT)

    JT provided a brief update on Track4Ely, and mentioned that RH had joined the T4E committee. The set aside track fund sum was reapproved for another year

    sSH; Carried

  25. Presentation of Annual Trophies and Awards (PH/SH):

    • Eric Drury Shield for the Most Improved New Member 2014 (Committee)
      Laura Hill: Most PBs in the club in 2014: 15 PBs between March and November, including 9 not 1st time at distance – Present to accept award
    • Most improved Male Runner 2014 (Committee)
      Ross Payne: 11 PBs not 1st time at distance, 4 Junior Club Records, 2 race wins, 2 second places including an RNR stage – Present to accept award (Notable mention Karl Bedingfield: 8 PBs not 1st time at distance, 2 Age Cat. Wins
    • Most improved Female Runner 2014 (Committee)
      Celine Aubry: 9 PBs not 1st time at distance, one race win – Present to accept award
    • Best 10km 2014 (Committee)
      Alan Darby: Littleport 10k 34:33 Cambs XC Champs 8th 37:34 – Apologies Received
    • Best Half Marathon 2014 (Committee)
      Kieren Drane : Great Eastern Run 01:14:53 (PB) AG% 79.65 – Present to accept award
    • Eric Drury Cup for the Best Marathon 2014 (Committee)
      Lesley Wright: VLM 03:31:01 (PB) AG% 72.2 – Apologies received
    • Special Achievement Awards 2015 for 2014 (club’s officers)

      • Julie Foreman – Race Entries 2008-2014 (Engraved Goblet + Honorary Membership) –Apologies received
      • Matt Holmes – Club Events, Newsletter, Race Reports 2011-2014 (Engraved Tankard). – Apologies received
      • Emily Knight – Chief Marshal 2013-2014 (Engraved Tankard). – Present to collect award
      • Graham Chapman – Refreshments & Catering 2007-2014 (Engraved Tankard). – Present to collect award
      • Maggie Chapman – Refreshments & Catering 2007-2014 (Engraved Tankard). – Present to collect award
      • Peter Harris – Treasurer 2001-2015 & Open Races Registration (Engraved Tankard + additional ‘day out’ present). – Present to collect award
  26. Proposal (RH) to continue with club membership (due 1st October) of the Paradise Centre for members to change/shower FOC after training or events

    sSH; Carried

  27. Proposal (RH) for the club’s Officers or Committee (subject to the Treasurer’s advice on the threshold reserve of funds) to authorise reasonable expenditure, to the benefit of the club and its members, including:

    • Running/training/stretching/injury books for members to borrow
    • Food after the 10k Handicap, One Mile Handicap and for the Christmas Drinks
    • Club team entries for relays, league membership, and championships
    • Fund appropriate courses (subject to commitment) for members
    • Supplies for events, equipment for club use, race kit, and bibs for night training
    • Mileage at 30p/m for official duties on behalf of the club and/or carrying stores from/to Ely or HQ for the club’s open races, selected teams in events, and training events
    • Electronic race processing and recording equipment
    • Trophies
    • Support of new, local area races attended by and for the benefit of members
    • Charities
    • Kit store

    sSH; Carried

  28. Any other business

    • Pay any due subs to Treasurer (PH)

RH 02.03.2015