Present (28) Peter Gipp, John Turner, Peter Harris, Rod Baron, Darren Murfitt, Charlie Barker, Eric Drury, Alan Rutterford, Graham Chapman, Max d’Ayala, Mary Gates, Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle, Tony Hall, Ian Day, Natalle Coles, Stephen Howard, Lana Chalmers, Rachel Roberts, Kevin Fox, Julie Foreman, Don Brown, Glyn Loveday, Simon Jackson, Steve Tovey, John Crisp, Tom Gooch, John Fordham, Daniel Regan.


Apologies (5) Torsten Lytken, Ian Blatchford, Hailey Tooke, Alfredo Verna, Sarah Sharpe


Chairman’s Opening Remarks on 2006


1. Chairman Peter Gipp opened the meeting at 7:40 pm. He reported that the 2006 Grunty Fen Half Marathon and New Year’s Eve 10k had both gone well and thanked the Committee, members, and their families and friends. There had been some outstanding individual and team results in 2006 (1st in the Frostbite League for the 2nd time, 6th team in the Hereward Relay, and 3rd Open Class team in the Round Norfolk Relay). He thanked Alan Rutterford for organising the RNR team and Karen Roe, Julie Foreman and Rachel Roberts for helping. Peter recalled when he first attended training with Ely Runners – only 3 others were there compared to 29 last Tuesday. He wished members success with their running in 2007.


Matter Arising from the 2005 Minutes


2. John Turner said these had been circulated and were on the club’s website. A tent (IPUS) in club colours had been purchased and was first used at the New Year’s Eve 10k finish.


Treasurer’s Report


3. Peter Harris presented the detailed 2006 income and expenditure accounts for the club, Grunty Fen Half Marathon, and New Year’s Eve 10k. Also stock details, and a balance sheet. The club’s net surplus of income over expenditure was £3,419.49 compared to £2,361.69 in 2005. Current assets included £14,500 deposited in a Scottish Widows (interest) Treasury Account and £4,023.81 at the bank. There was an accumulated fund balance of £17,066.89 of which £6,473.44 was allocated for the Grunty Fen Half Marathon and £10,593.45 for general use. This would allow the club to purchase more of the things it needed.


4. He said it had been a good financial year. The Grunty Fen ½ Marathon had made a record profit (more entries and sponsorship) and the New Year’s Eve 10k profit was similar to 2005 due to extra costs balanced by more entries.


5. The purchase of an instant pop-up shelter, table and cloth  (£1,934.08) had been a major item of expenditure but the club’s income was now enabled it to buy such items.


6. Although there were many new members, the club had not appeared to grow because of members leaving and unpaid subs. This had now been rectified and a paid-up membership list put on the website which now also included an on-line renewal facility.


7. The purchases and sales of club kit (not including the subsidised fleeces) in 2006 showed a small surplus of £21.95.


8. Expenditure on the popular and successful Straight Mile Handicap had increased due mainly to the increased cost of refreshments.


9. The new Barton Road store had cost £50 to rent but was very useful for the club’s large amount of race kit.


10. Since the accounts had been prepared, it had been realised that St John Ambulance had not been paid (£250 if the same as 2005) for attending the Grunty Fen. John Turner said this had been forgotten due to not receiving an invoice.

Note: a cheque for £250 was sent to St John Ambulance on 21.01.2007


11. John Turner thanked Peter Harris for his detailed presentation of the accounts and for his dedicated work as Treasurer. The accounts were accepted subject to adjustment for payment to St John Ambulance. (pMdA/sDB).


Secretary’s Report & Team Captain’s Report


12. In the absence of an appointed Team Captain, John Turner combined both reports.


13. Membership is currently 85 signed up members + others. Much of the club’s progress and success with its running and events was due to the support and loyalty of members reflecting the efforts of a hard working and very pro-active Committee.


14. Training had been well attended (usually 20-30) and done with determined effort.


15. Administration was much improved, particularly due to Rod Baron’s club and event websites but also due to improved sharing of responsibilities and most members having email access.


16. Despite much reduced odds of ballot selection, the club had a record entry of 16 members. Club places (drawn) went to Justin Greaves (passed to Lisa Redman), Steve Tovey, Peter Gipp, and the BARR draw nomination (Committee) to Alan Rutterford who was the 1st club nominee in 3 years to received a place. Other members have places by qualifying times, carry over or Gold Bond charity places.


17. In the 2006-06 Frostbite league, the club has clambered back from 7th place in the 1st race to win the series out of 17 teams, including much larger clubs with fast track athletes.


18. The club successfully held its usual two open events (GF and NYE10k) and two closed events (10k and Straight Mile Handicaps). This year two new events (Turing Trail Relay and the Club XC championships) had been introduced.


19. Ian-Vaughan-Arbuckle (helped by Rod Baron and Richard Handoll) organised the 1st Great East Anglian 10k Run in King’s Lynn in May 2006.


20. Adam Etches organised the club’s runners in the first Ely Triathlon in September 2006.


21. In the 2006 Round Norfolk Relay (organised by Ian Vaugan-Arbuckle and helped by Rod Baron and Richard Handoll) , the club’s team of 17 runners (managed by Alan Rutterford) finished 3rd of 20 teams in the tough Open Category against some large and powerful clubs. Overall we were 7th of 45 teams.


22. In the 2006 Hereward Relay, we had a record 6 teams, including our first all women’s team. Our first team finished 6th of 133 teams. Course Drivers Tony Hall and Steve Harrison provided excellent support and made the new schedule work like clockwork. As usual the club marshalled from the A10 (organised by Darren Murfitt) from the A10 and Eric Drury put out/collected  signs and set up the finish area.


23. Members travelled far and wide to race including Adam Etches, Natalle Coles and Charlie Barker in the Swiss Alpine Marathon in July.


24. Personal bests continued to flow in from both new and longstanding members.

Accepted (pCB/sKF)


Election of Officers (3) and Committee Members (8 of 9 positions elected)


25. The 2006 Officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) and all members of the 2006 Committee had been nominated and agreed to stand for re-election. Max d’Ayala had been co-opted onto the Committee during the year. Additionally, Mary Gates was nominated to join the Committee. There were no nominations for Team Captain:



26. All the above appointments were approved.


Election of Events Working Group


27. This group comprises members with specific on-the-day responsibilities for open and club events. The following were nominated and agreed to stand for re-election:



28. Both appointments were approved.


Re-Appointment of Woman’s Team Leader


29. Natalle Coles agreed to stand again and was re-elected (pJT/sCB)


Review of Club Subscriptions


30. Peter Harris proposed (sJT):



31. Max d’Ayala said no other club he’d been a member of fixed subs two years ahead and thought they should remain due (after setting at the AGM) by the end of February. Peter Harris said that if it became necessary to amend the subs, this could be done by an EGM or indeed at the next AGM. Also that 1st January would bring the subs in line with the club’s financial year. John Turner explained they although fixed two years ahead, they would still be reviewed annually and that the reasons for the changes were only to make it simpler and easier for both members and the Committee to manage. Peter Harris said that if subs had not been received (after reminders) by the end of June, membership would lapse. Eventually, all members present voted to keep the renewal at £10 and a large majority voted for the Treasurer’s other proposals – accepted.


*Note: This simply means that subs will be set for the next financial year; ie at this AGM we set the subs for 2008 (which will allow renewal from 1st January 2008), and at the 18th January 2008 AGM, we will set the subs for 2009, etc.


32. Max d’Ayala said that race shorts should not be part of the joining fee. Kevin Fox disagreed, as did others, because they were club colours. John Turner said that although club vests were compulsory in team races, members of other clubs also wore a variety of shorts other than those in their club colours. Also that Mary Gates was trying to find women’s shorts in more popular cut.


33. John Turner that the £32 joining fee (introduced last year to be easier and more practical for new members and the club because it consisted of the £10 sub + £22 worth of obligatory club race kit) also possibly had the effect of providing a commitment threshold for casual fitness applicants considering the club as a cheap alternative to an expensive gym.


34. Don Brown asked if the joining fee was reduced for members joining later in the year. John Turner said that this had been done in the past but as the subscription part of the joining fee was only £10 and subsidised by the club, it was not reduced. However, members who joined late in the year did not need to renew again for the next year.


Club Constitution


35. Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle (IVA) said that the subscription payment times should be part of the club constitution and indicated that it was long overdue. John Turner said that he had been building up a file on this for a new draft. Tony Hall reminded the meeting that there had been a constitution. John Turner recalled being given a piece of paper with this on but had forgotten about it and said he would continue with the draft. IVA offered to do this.


Note:  On checking his Constitution file after the meeting, John Turner found the document given to him by Tony Hall. It was an undated, short (2 pages) example document titled ‘Draft Rules Suitable for an Athletic Club’ (‘Ely Runners’ inserted by hand) and probably done when the club was formed in about 1984. John Turner had not been aware of this document until given to him by Tony Hall at about the time John Turner was preparing his 2002 draft Constitution. This draft titled ‘Ely Runners Constitution & Rules’ (9 pages) was dated 21.01.2002. It had been circulated to the other club officers shortly after the 2002 AGM but had not progressed further other than amendments and insertions being filed for use. Both documents mentioned that subs were due from 1st January!


Club Events 2007-2008


36. It was agreed that the club should hold the following events:



37. Some members were concerned about the number of events being organised by the club. John Turner said that if one should be dropped, it would be the Grunty Fen ½ Marathon because this took the most work (subject to TTR experience) and was the greatest financial risk. However, the events were popular and therefore successful. Also that with Rod Baron’s electronic input and more race equipment, we were much better organised and equipped to  than in the past. Any reduction in events would need to be planned well in advance as they were organised about year ahead. Peter Harris suggested that we continue as planned for this year and members were in general agreement.



Presentation of Trophies and Awards


38. Following discussion and review of 2006 performances, the Committee had unanimously agreed on the members to receive club trophies.  Frostbite League Manager Eric Drury presented The Trophies to:


      (trophy not currently available)


39. As the cup for Best East Cambs Runner in the East Cambs Half Marathon had recently been discovered and the 2006 winner was Ely Runner John Crisp, this was presented to him by Eric Drury.


40. Chairman Peter Gipp presented Special Achievement Awards to:


·        Tony Hall – a pewter tankard engraved for Long Service & Support

            Note: due to being unwell Tony had to leave the meeting early and the award was

            presented to him by John Turner the following morning.

This was the 3rd year in succession (never happened before) that he had received a Special Achievements Award. (Note: Rod Baron was subsequently presented with a pewter tankard to commemorate his 3 years of awards).


Paradise Centre Club Membership


41. It was agreed to continue with the club membership (currently charged at 5 x £19 annual memberships = £95 due by 1st October) of the Paradise Centre for members to change and shower free of charge after training or races (pPG/sKF).


Proposals for Expenditure in 2007


42. Proposals were approved for the Committee to authorise, subject to the Treasurer’s advice on threshold reserves of funds, moderate expenditure on:


Max d’Ayala said that members had not used the books as much as when they were first obtained. John Turner suggested that Max could send a circular to members advising that the books were available for loan. Max disagreed and said that he would get the books out for members to look at before training.


Affiliation to Association of Running Clubs (ARC)


43. John Turner outlined the increasing problem of excessive, wasteful and often inappropriate (to non-stadia runners) bureaucracy received from UKA. Also that, following implementation of the Foster Report, from 1st April, the overall UKA/EA affiliation costs (including £3 per registered member in 2007 rising to £5 in 2008) would approximately double. By having individual members registered with UKA, running clubs could be bypassed and they and their sport weakened. Additionally, the UKA £2 non-affiliation levies of about £1,500 (in fact £1,480) from the 2006 GF & NYE10k paid by Ely Runners appeared to be of no significant benefit to the club or its sport. UKA was very track and field orientated but a significant amount of their income was from unaffiliated fees paid by non-stadia running clubs who, apart from public liability insurance cover, received little of use in return.


44. John Turner said that ARC aimed to reduce costs, minimise bureaucracy, avoid unnecessary regulation, and allow non-stadia running clubs to take control of their sport. It was a one-off opportunity (during the transition to UKA/EA) that should be supported for the good of the club and our sport. More information on ARC included:



45. John Turner said that to avoid members eventually paying a £2 levy for remaining UKA affiliated events, it was possible to affiliate to both ARC and UKA. However, this would seriously weaken the impact and progress of ARC and he asked members to accept the rough ride of the transition period.


46. Max d’Ayala expressed full support for ARC and Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle asked about championships. These were discussed, including offering the Grunty Fen as an ARC championship. It was considered that ARC  championships (eg cross-country and relays) would eventually be held (either alongside or instead of SEAA organised events) as ARC expanded.


47. Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle expressed support for the aims of ARC but reminded the meeting that under UKA rules, a runner who competes in a race without an UKA permit is liable to suspension. Due to the practicality of ever enforcing this rule, particularly if a large number of events become affiliated to ARC, the meeting generally considered any action by UKA would be to the detriment of UKA and of considerable benefit to the advancement of ARC.


48. Following further discussion, it was agreed that the club should vote on the following two proposals:



49. The first proposal was unanimously rejected and the second proposal unanimously accepted and the club would therefore apply to be affiliated to ARC.


50. Members were reminded that we would apply for an ARC permit for the 2007 Grunty Fen Half Marathon and were asked to vote (pJT/sRB) to offer this event as an ARC championship – carried.


Note: This item was on the agenda under AOB but due to its importance and the long debate that took place, it is herewith recorded separately.


Any Other Business


51. John Turner mentioned that the newly instigated Club Cross-Country Championships for 2007 are to be incorporated into the Frostbite League race in Bourne Woods on Sunday 4th February. There will be perpetual trophies for the 1st man and 1st woman, and the 1st man and 1st woman on an age related % basis.


52. Alan Rutterford said that he now had the volunteers required for his Level 3 Coaching. He also said that responsibility for relays should be decided. John Turner said this was a matter for the Committee.


53. Charlie Barker asked members to renew their subscriptions after the meeting.


54. There being no further business, Chairman Peter Gipp closed the meeting at 10:15 pm.


JT 15.02.2007