Ely Common Interval Session


Description:                   Small and large meadows at Ely Common off Prickwillow Road. The two meadows are separated by the road entrance to the Water Board hill (Kiln Lane). 
  The large meadow slopes downwards away from the road crossing towards the sailing club end (top right of the picture)


Surface:                         Grassy footpaths, some places uneven.


Season:                         Summer.


Loop distance:              About 0.9 Miles for 1 loop around both meadows.


Course:                          The loop is split into 4 sections.
  Starting from the left of the picture:

1. Short/flat : hard I effort.
2. Long/slight downhill: medium T or “float” effort.
3. Long/uphill : hard I effort
4. Short/flat: easy recovery jog