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2009/10 Season (end of season report)

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Date  2010-03-07
Event  Frostbite Friendly League Race 6, BRJ – Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
Dist  5m/1.5m

The Frostbite League season came to an end with the 6th and final race at Huntingdon on Sunday. After finishing as runners up last year, this season Ely Seniors have lacked the strength in depth to compete at the top of the league and finished overall 10th out of the 17 local teams. However there have been a number of good performances over the six races and many of the club’s newer members have turned out in for the first time club colours to enjoy a taste of friendly competition.

Meanwhile the Ely Juniors were 8th of 13 clubs on the day and have finished 9th of 13 in their first season. They scored 263 points, but the winners on the day were Riverside with only 40 points. First Ely Runner home was Robyn Seabright in 23rd place. Well done to her and the other 8 juniors that turned up for this 1.5 mile race.

As for much of the season Max D’Ayala led the Ely Senior contingent home with newcomer John Uff and the still-improving Steve Tovey not too far behind. After a difficult time with injury it was good to see Daisy Glover back competing impressively for Ely, finishing as second lady overall.

Conditions for the race around twisty urban roads and estates of Huntingdon were pretty good. It was cool and dry with a little wind. However for the first time in quite a while the sun shone and after the long, cold and wet winter it was very welcome.

Official Results: (Ely Seniors)

33rd Max D’Ayala 29:35
40th John Uff 30:09 (PB, 1st 5m)
41st Steve Tovey 30:10 (PB)
47th Daisy Glover 30:23
56th Stephen Howard 30:48
65th Chris Bower 31:09 (PB)
137th Charlie Barker 33:53
166th Peter Harris 34:43
192nd Heidi Fochtmann 35:47 (PB)
200th John Glover 35:59 (PB)
245th Mel Fisher 37:38
254th Lionel Smith 38:02 (PB)
282nd John Turner 40:01
299th Andy Nixon 41:07 (PB)
358th Jon Pennington 46:03 (PB)

There were 406 senior finishers.

The 'runner of the series' was awarded to MAX D'AYALA for a series of consistent performances.

Final Frostbite Table (seniors)
Position Club Running Points Points
1 NVH 2677 100
2 C&C 3080 95
3 Fenland 5509 81
4 Werrington 4891 79
5 Hunts AC 5964 79
6 Riverside - Blue 6566 69
7 Riverside - Yellow 7461 57
8 BRJ 7580 54
9 March 8167 50
10 Ely 9185 44
11 Bourne 9138 43
12 Bushfield 8878 40
13 Yaxley 9175 39
14 Thorney 9611 27
15 Ramsey 10180 27
16 PACTRAC 13384 18
17 Eye 11598 16


Official Results (Ely Juniors):

23rd Robyn Seabright 10:14
34th Charlie Staaf 10:45
53rd Alex Ellwood 11:20
58th Nick Staaf 11:25
60th Esme Wright 11:32
68th Nathan Pennington 11:53
74th Fraser Crossman 12:07
77th Molly Butler 12:09
88th Louis McGee 12:27

There were 129 junior finishers.

The junior 'runner of the series' awards went to ALEXANDER ELLWOOD and MOLLY BUTLER.

Final Frostbite Table (Juniors)
Position Club Running Points Points
1 Riverside 240 77
2 Hunts AC 312 73
3 Werrington 689 63
4 C&C 956 54
5 Bourne 962 54
6 March 1130 48
7 Ramsey 1210 46
8 Thorney 1394 36
9 Ely 2008 32
10 Bushfield 2621 23
11 BRJ 2791 18
12 Yaxley 2995 16
13 PACTRAC 3825 6
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2008/09 Season (end of season report)

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Date  2009-03-01
Event  Frostbite Friendly League Race 6, Huntingdon – Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
Dist  5m
Report  Ely Runners hold on to finish Second Team in the 2008-2009 Frostbite Friendly League

The final race of the 2008-2009 Frostbite League Series, over the traditional road course around BRJ’s HQ in Huntingdon was a tense affair for the Ely Team. Although in theory securely anchored in second place in the table, Ely were without many of the regular runners that had ensured their success over the season. So with a depleted team it took some fine running from those present to avoid undoing all the good work throughout the season.

First home for Ely was Pete Foody in 18th place, with first lady overall Daisy Glover not too far behind in 22nd place in a spectacular new 5m PB time and club FJ record.

Official Results:

18th Pete Foody 29:03
22nd Daisy Glover 29:20 (PB, new club FJ record)
43rd Maurice Reed 30:21
52nd Graham Chapman 31:09
87th Peter Harris 32:33
142nd Ian Blatchford 34:28
146th Natalle Etches 34:35
150th Steve Collett 34:39
178th Tony Robinson 35:38
187th Rob Ellis 35:57
201st Adrian Stokes 36:20
230th Melanie Fisher 37:25
258th Martin Courtney 38:36
287th Heidi Constable 39:45

Ely Runners’ team points total of 1089 and 7th place overall on the day was just good enough to hold off a spirited charge from Nene Valley Harriers for second place in the league. Team winners on the day and overall Frostbite League winners for 2008-2009 were Riverside Runners. Congratulations to them!

Final Frostbite Table:

1st Riverside Runners 87 pts
2nd Ely Runners 75pts
3rd Nene Valley Harriers 73pts

Congratulations to all Ely Runners who have competed throughout the series and thanks also to our ever present support team of Eric Drury and Tony Hall.

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2007/08 Season (end of season report)

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Date  2008-03-02
Dist  5m
Report  Ely Runners finish Frostbite Season 4th of 15 teams

Craig Holgate third overall, Birgita Bramley 1st female on the day for Ely Runners.

The 2007-2008 Frostbite season drew to a close on sunday with the sixth and final race at Huntingdon.

Ely Runners gave a good account of themselves despite missing a few faster runners.
Despite finishing 5th on the day the club still managed to come 4th in the league.

Conditions were mild and sunny but a blustery wind made some parts of the course difficult.
The first 10 to finish, including at least 3 ladies, make up the scoring team but all finishers influence the overall result.

Members helping with the team were Eric Drury (Team Manager), Tony Hall (transport and kit) and Charlie Barker (team captain and photographer).

Official results (See

Ely Scoring Team

3rd Craig Holgate 27:19 (5m PB for Ely)
11th Glynn Loveday 28:14
26th Stephen Pettit 29:34
52nd Stephen Howard 31:30
56th Graham Chapman 31:44
69th Steve Tovey 32:15 (PB)
75th Darren Murfitt 32:33
135th Birgitta Bramley 35:15
163rd Rachel Roberts 36:42 (Club FV35 Record)
257th Lisa Redman 41:11

Ely Other Results

76th Maurice Reed 32:34
109th Paul Needham 34:05
147th Dean Sheppard 35:50 (PB)
173rd Tony Robinson 37:09
208th Nick Dowdy 38:36 (PB)
219th Steve Collett 39:14 (PB)
236th John Turner 40:21

There were 352 finishers.

Final Team Results (Showing top 5 of 15 teams)

1st Riverside 88 points
2nd NVH 83
3rd Hunts AC 75
4th Ely Runners 65
5th Werrington 62

On a sad note before the start there was a minute's silence observed for Riverside Runner Derek Hurden.
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