Hereward Relay , Peterborough to Ely

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Stage 1
Peterborough to
Whittlesey (6.1 miles)
Stage 2
Whittlesey to
March (10.5 miles)
Stage 3
March to
Welney (11.4 miles)
Stage 4
Welney to
Ely (10.4 miles)
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Date  2014-11-23
Event  Hereward Relay - Peterborough to Ely
Dist  38.4m MT

Stage 1 - 6.5m - Peterborough to Whittlesey
31st Matthew Mason(Ely A) 44:51
54th Adam Etches (Ely B) 48:44
60th Steve Starr (Ely C) 50:37
83rd Esme Wright 50:37 (Ran for Alexander Chasers)

Stage 2 - 10.5m - Whittlesey to March
26th Ben Cook (Ely A) 1:14:23
73rd Simon Nightingale (Ely B) 1:30:11
80th Celine Aubry (Ely C) 1:32:05

Stage 3 - 11.3m - March to Welney
2nd Tom Bracegirdle 1:04:52 (Ran for MMM)
39th Steve Tovey (Ely A) 1:23:47
62nd Louise Cadogan (Ely C) 1:30:44
69th Steven Hardwick (Ely B) 1:33:12
86th Lesley Wright 1:38:17 (Ran for Alexander Chasers)

Stage 4 - 10.4m - Welney to Ely
1st Alex Tate 59:41 (Ran for MMM)
31st Karl Bedingfield (Ely A) 1:12:55
60th Jose Perez (Ely B) 1:21:23
90th John Turner (Ely C) 1:35:14

Team positions:
30th Ely A - 4:35:56
61st Ely B - 5:13:30
81st Ely C - 5:28:40

Tom and Alex were part of the winning Muddy Mucky Monkeys team finishing in 3:54:10 with the 1st ladies team (27th overall) being Cambridge Tri Speedy Ladies in 4:33:43. There were 112 teams in the race. Conditions were cold, wet and exceedingly muddy.

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Date  2013-11-24
Event  Hereward Relay - Peterborough to Ely
Dist  38.4m MT

Stage 1 - 6.5m - Peterborough to Whittlesey
2nd Gary Wilberforce 36:33 (Ran for Ely Tri)
21st Graham Chapman (Ely A) 42:31
24th Rob Haggart (Ely C) 44:01
33rd Alex Haggart (Ely B) 45:56
67th Sarah Baumber (Ely Ladies) 51:37

Stage 2 - 10.5m - Whittlesey to March
23rd Stephen Howard (Ely A) 1:13:21
45th Ashley Blackmore (Ely B) 1:22:03
60th Louise Cadogan (Ely Ladies) 1:27:44
77th Steve Starr (Ely C) 1:35:08

Stage 3 - 11.3m - March to Welney
18th Jason Mann (Ely A) 1:17:18
42nd Jose Perez (Ely B) 1:26:18
49th Miranda Reynolds (Ely Ladies) 1:28:51
86th John Turner (Ely C) 1:44:40

Stage 4 - 10.4m - Welney to Ely
24th Karl Bedingfield (Ely B) 1:11:55
47th Kieren Drane (Ely A) 1:18:18
53rd Tanya Shenton (Ely Ladies) 1:19:29
65th Martin Courtney (Ely C) 1:22:03

Team positions:
22nd Ely A - 4:31:28
31st Ely B - 4:46:06
54th Ely Ladies - 5:07:41
76th Ely C - 5:25:52

The winning team C&C Busway Bandits finished in 3:48:56 with the 1st ladies team (23rd overall) being C&C Women Ain't Tri-ing in 4:32:22. There were 101 teams in the race.

TimeStamp  2013-11-30

Date  2013-02-24 (Rescheduled 2012 Race)
Event  Hereward Relay - Peterborough to Ely
Dist  38.4m MT
Report  Following the rainy weather and subsequent flooding in November the annual Hereward Relay was re-scheduled to take place in February. 90 of the original teams turned up to take part in what proved to be a very competitive event. Ely Runners had a particularly successful event with the A team putting in a very good performance to finish 3rd overall, our highest position in the event’s history! Daniel Waite, despite feeling unwell, ran hard to set the team up nicely, Kieren Drane then followed up with a fantastic performance to get the team into a strong position, John Crisp followed with the run of the day earning himself the MV award for stage 3. Martin Ineson was tied 4th as he left Welney on the final stage; he soon lost the other runner and ran well to hold off a storming run from C&C at the finish.

Team B finished in 15th overall, Stephen Howard (running less than 24hrs after the Belvoir Challenge) was posted to Peterborough for stage 1. Robin Webb who has recently rediscovered his mojo, was 4th overall on leg 2 (beating Kieren in the process), he was followed by Conan Fryer (a little lost) and then Matt Holmes who both ran hard to the finish. Team C had 3 Hereward debutantes in their ranks and they all proved more than up to the task, early starts for all didn’t stop Messer’s Kirby-Cook, O’Hanlon, Bedingfield and Crack from putting in strong performances. Team D had solid performances throughout and Martin Courtney running stage 4 soldiered on through painful shin splints over the last 4 miles of the race before cycling back to Welney to pick up his car!!

For only the 2nd time in memory Ely Runners managed to put together a ladies team for the event and all 4 members put in sterling efforts to ensure a great result. Miranda Paul, more used to longer distances, set them off on leg 1 before handing over to Heidi Constable who despite her concerns didn’t get lost. Louise Cadogan ran an excellent 3rd leg to put the team in a good position and Celine Aubry ran well on stage 4 to keep the team in the top 50. The stage 4 runners all had to run an extra mile than the distance advertised as the route had to be changed last minute after flooding near Pymoor.

Stage 1 – 6.5m
13th Daniel Waite Ely A 0:40:48
17th Stephen Howard Ely B 0:42:55
25th Tony Kirby-Cook Ely C 0:43:53
41st Miranda Paul Ely Ladies 0:48:33
47th Steve Starr Ely D 0:51:12
66th Hayley Turner ran for Ely Tri 0:58:56
70th Michael Butler ran for Ely Tri 1:00:17

Stage 2 – 10.5m
4th Robin Webb Ely B 1:06:38
5th Kieren Drane Ely A 1:06:48
6th Gary Wilberforce ran for Ely Tri 1:07:51
39th Andy O’Hanlon Ely C 1:23:05
41st Ian Blatchford ran for Ely Tri 1:23:13
49th Ashley Blackmore Ely D 1:26:40
54th Heidi Constable Ely Ladies 1:30:24

Stage 3 – 11.4m
4th John Crisp Ely A 1:14:03 (1st MV)
26th Conan Fryer Ely B 1:21:04
29th Karl Bedingfield Ely C 1:22:32
39th Louise Cadogan Ely Ladies 1:28:37
45th Lionel Smith Ely D 1:29:42
61st Lesley Wright ran for Alexander Chasers 1:36:32

Stage 4 – 11.5m
4th Martin Ineson Ely A 1:09:14
26th Matt Holmes Ely B 1:21:17
48th Mark Crack Ely C 1:31:04
64th Celine Aubry Ely Ladies 1:40:48
66th Sam Collins-Shirley ran for Mums on the Run 1:41:33
68th Martin Courtney Ely D 1:43:08

Team positions:
3rd Ely A 4:10:53
15th Ely B 4:31:54
32nd Ely C 5:00:34
49th Ely Ladies 5:28:22
53rd Ely D 5:30:42
The winning team Ryston sub-4 finished in 3:53:27.

Thank you to Matt Holmes for organising the teams and for setting out the course finish, Steve Tovey for marshaling, organising the finish area and standing out in the cold for 6 hours. Thank you also to Tony Kirby-Cook, Claire Van Leersum, Ali Blaney, Adrian Scaites-Stokes, John Turner, Ashley Blackmore and Daniel Walker for marshaling, Eric Drury for his PA and to Nick Dowdy for driving runners between stages.

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Date  2011-11-27
Event  Peterborough to Ely Hereward 4 Stage Relay (Plus Ultra)
Dist  38.8m
Report  Ely Runners were out in force at the weekend with members braving the windy conditions as drivers, marshals, runners and ultrarunners took part in this 38.8 mile, 4 stage relay race from Peterborough to Ely. There were six teams of Ely Runners, three Ely Ultra runners plus several Ely Runners competing for other teams.

This year’s race was held in rather blustery conditions – with runners on stages 1-3 predominantly helped by a strong Westerly tail wind. The first half of the final stage was tough going into a strong cross wind with the route heading primarily SW from Welney to the outskirts of Pymoor, but relief came as the route turned to the SE for the second half of the stage.

Many congratulations to Craig Holgate who won the Ultra Race in a fantastic 4:22:54 averaging 6:47/mile. Craig finished almost 17 minutes ahead of his closest rival despite them being side by side when they reached the final check point in Welney!! Craig was using the race as a warm up for his attempt at the Thames Path 100 next March – a 100m trail race from Richmond in London to Oxford. Robin Webb had been aiming to complete his first Ultra Race in sub 5:30 and so was well pleased with a finishing time of 5:09:49 and 7th place. Emma Greaves finished in a fine 6:38:02 – adding yet another completed Ultra Race to her CV.

In the relay race there were strong performances by many Ely runners – but in particular fine runs on stage 1 by Graham Chapman and Peter Gipp saw them finish 1st in their respective age categories. The A team came home in 13th place overall in a time of 4:03:22 at an average of 6:16/mile – putting into context Craig’s achievement!!

Many thanks in particular to Alan Rutterford for organising the relay teams and also marking the course from Little Downham to Ely. A big thank you also to all of the recovery and stage drivers (Tony Hall, Nick Dowdy, Darren Murfitt among others) and everyone who turned out to help marshal the route from Little Downham to Ely (including Lionel Smith, Peter Harris and John Glover....apologies if we’ve missed anyone). As ever thanks also to Eric Drury for being in charge of the PA and helping to set up the finish area.

Official Results: (Individual times and positions shown per team)

Stage 1 – Peterborough to Whittlesey, 6.5m
20th Graham Chapman 40:26 (Ely A)(1st MV55)
22nd Peter Gipp 41:06 (Ely B)(1st MV45)
35th Darren Murfitt 44:03 (Ely D)
38th Adam Etches 44:25 (Ely C)
63rd Tom Russell 49:52 (Ely E)
89th Julie Foreman 53:31 (Ely F)

Stage 2 – Whittlesey to March, 10.5m
9th Nick Dyer 1:06:22 (Ely A)
25th Stephen Howard 1:11:21 (Ely B)
55th Conan Fryer 1:19:19 (Ely F)
56th Peter Harris 1:20:13 (Ely C)
79th Lionel Smith 1:24:54 (Ely D)
93rd John Turner 1:30:56 (Ely E)

Stage 3 – March to Welney, 11.4m
2nd Alex Tate 1:02:25 (2nd Claim)(Ran for Muddy Mucky Munkeys)
11th Gary Wilberforce 1:08:45 (Ely A)
13th Kieren Drane 1:10:45 (Ely B)
32nd Jason Mann 1:17:38 (Ely C)
44th Andy O’Hanlon 1:21:26 (Ely D)
58th Ian Blatchford 1:24:33 (Ran for Ely Tri Club – Tri & keep Up)
67th Charlie Barker 1:27:57 (Ely E)
68th Lesley Wright 1:28:18 (Ran for Alexander Chasers)
96th Samantha Collins-Shirley 1:36:48 (Ely F)

Stage 4 – Welney to Ely, 10.4m
2nd Tom Bracegirdle 59:32 (2nd Claim)(Ran for Muddy Mucky Munkeys)
12th Pete Foody 1:04:01 (Ran for Ely Tri Club – Tri Hards)
18th Stephen Tovey 1:07:49 (Ely A)
26th Chris Bower 1:10:31 (Ely E)
47th Tony Kirby-Cook 1:15:59 (Ely B)
53rd Jose Perez 1:18:03 (Ely C)
72nd Adrian Scaites-Stokes 1:21:55 (Ely D)
92nd Steve Starr 1:27:50 (Ely F)
94th Susanne Saalau-Bethell 1:28:31 (Ran for Alexander Chasers)

Team Positions
13th Ely A 4:03:22
21st Ely B 4:19:11
42nd Ely C 4:40:19
54th Ely D 4:52:18
62nd Ely E 4:59:16
86th Ely F 5:17:28

In all 114 teams completed the relay race. The winners were Sleaford Town Dream Team in a rather nippy 3:40:30 at 5:41/mile.

Hereward Ultra Race – Peterborough to Ely, 38.8m
1st Craig Holgate 4:22:54
7th Robin Webb 5:09:49
30th Emma Greaves 6:38:02

There were 33 finishers in the Ultra Race.

Full results are available at:

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Date  2010-11-28
Event  Peterborough to Ely Hereward 4 Stage Relay (Plus Ultra)
Dist  38.4m
Report  Ely Runners were out in force at the weekend braving tough conditions as drivers, marshals, runners and ultrarunners took part in this 38.4 mile, 4 stage relay race from Peterborough to Ely. There were five teams of Ely Runners, two Ely Ultra runners plus a scattering Ely Runners competing for other teams. The initial runners assembled outside Peterborough Cathedral for the 9am start with snow on the ground and temperatures an amazing -8C.

Tony Hall and Darren Murfitt’s advanced driving skills were on display when transporting runners to the start of their stages in record times, which certainly got the adrenaline pumping on one of the coldest days of this year. Yet some brave souls still managed to expose their arms and legs to the elements! Warming up in such cold conditions proved very difficult – as the limbs heated up slightly the nose and throat got ever colder!

It was no less cold or snowy at the start of stage 2 in Whittlesey with the roads and droves proved treacherously slippery in places. By leg 3 from March to Welney the snow had been replaced by demanding mud. For leg 4 the cold but dry weather remained in place but the Ely Marshals provided very welcome and warm and cheery encouragement to all the tired runners as they headed into the finish at the City of Ely Football Club.

With exceptional individual performances too numerous to mention, the best performance of the day was from Team Captain Alan Rutterford who, quite apart from dealing with all the team logistics beforehand, also, together with chief marshal John Glover oversaw the whole event from Ely Football Club, enduring the bitter cold, beginning at 6am, and still waiting for the last ultra runner to finish at around 4pm.

Ely Ultra runners Mark Turner and Stuart Baumber ran the whole 38 miles. Proving that Triathletes really are harder than runners, Mark managed to sink a few pints in the bar before Stuart arrived home to thunderous applause from his loyal supporters (David Mould came down to watch him finish.) Stuart however, rose to the challenge and upped the ante, by suggesting that he was going to run home to make the day’s mileage an ‘even 40.’

Official Results: (Individual times and positions shown per team)

Leg 1 (6.5m)
13th Maurice Reed 41:16 (Team A)
30th Jose Perez 44:45 (Team B)
34th David Mould 45:18 (Team C)
85th Jason Pattinson 55:32 (Team D)
92nd Cynthia Mills 59:33 (Ladies Team)

Leg 2 (10.5m)
21st Jason Mann 1:14:46 (B)
27th Stephen Howard 1:15:59 (A)
35th Sarah Edwards 1:18:58 (L)
40th Ian Blatchford 1:20:10 (Ran for Ely Tri Club)
64th Adrian Scaites-Stokes 1:25:51 (C)
76th Nick Dowdy 1:29:56 (D)

Leg 3 (10.3m)
18th Graham Chapman 1:15:05 (A)
23rd Tony Kirby-Cook 1:16:35 (B)
46th Simon Bottomley 1:24:00 (Ran for Ely Tri Club)
55th Lionel Smith 1:26:17 (C)
74th John Turner 1:31:57 (D)
77th Lesley Wright 1:32:22 (Ran for Ely Alexander Chasers)
89th Samantha Collins-Shirley 1:38:39 (L)

Leg 4 (10.4m)
39th Susanne Saalau-Bethell 1:16:39 (Ran for Ely Alexander Chasers)
40th Charlie Barker 1:16:58 (B)
44th Peter Harris 1:18:19 (C)
45th Matthew Holmes 1:18:37 (A – special thanks to Matt for stepping in for Kieren at the last minute!)
82nd Andrew Nixon 1:32:17 (D)
95th Heidi Uff 1:39:21 (L)

Ultra Runners
2nd Mark Turner 5:30:43 (Ran for Ely Tri Club)
8th Stuart Baumber 6:23:11

23rd Ely Runners Team A 4:30:57
28th Ely Runners Team B 4:33:14
47th Ely Runners Team C 4:55:45
77th Ely Runners Team D 5:29:42
85th Ely Runners Ladies 5:36:31

There were 103 teams at the finish and 19 ultra runners.

Finally a big and sincere thank you to all Ely Runners who braved the extreme cold conditions for many hours to help members of our club compete:

To course drivers Tony Hall and Darren Murfitt, because without you two it would have been impossible logistics wise.

To stage 4 marshals, John Glover, Martin Courtney, Sarah Edwards (after running stage 2) and Jodie Johnstone who all braved the cold for several hours, wearing “tea cosies on their heads and uggly boots” as opposed to Lionel’s “suggested uniform!”.

To Eric Drury for braving the cold and helping with the set up of the finish area too.

Finally well done to Ladies Team Captain Heidi – for her determination to get a ladies team out on the day, notwithstanding a cold, a tooth abcess, and a troublesome rabbit hole!
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Date  2009-11-22
Event  Hereward Relay - Peterborough to Ely
Dist  38.4m MT
Report  There were seven Ely teams in the Hereward Relay this year. Team Manager and Club Coach Alan Rutterford named them after big cats thus cleverly hiding which were intended to be the strongest teams!

The relay starts at Peterborough Catherdral at 9am and follows cyclepaths, footpaths, droves and muddy tracks along the Hereward Way to finish at the Football Club just outside Ely. Conditions this year were much better than last when there were heavy winds and blizzard-like conditions for the first two legs. The early stages it was mild and dry with a gentle breeze. Later legs, notable the 4th were slightly less fortunate as by then the headwinds had picked up and there were a number of heavy downpours which caught a number of runners out, depending upon where they were on the course at the time.

There were fine runs from many within the seven Ely Teams. Both Ian Day and Stephen Pettit received prizes for being the fastest vet runners on their legs and the first Ely Team home finished in just over 4 hours in 5th place. With 3 Ely teams in the first 11 Ely was well represented at the sharp end of the race. For a number of Ely Runners this was their first Hereward Relay and they too made the most of the challenge.

Sadly there were a few mishaps with navigation as well, especially on leg 3 where a misplaced arrow, blown by the winds caused Pete Foody and several others to go quite a distance off-route. On the same leg John Crisp was also sent the wrong way but managed to correct himself soon after and so was less affected.

Anyhow here�s how the teams performed and the individual results by leg:

Ely Team Results:

5th Ely Cheetahs 4:02:22
7th Ely Tigers 4:11:34
11th Ely Leopards 4:24:53
31st Ely Panthers 4:44:23
41st Ely Lions 4:49:10
78th Ely Pumas 5:22:55
86th Ely Cougars 5:31:12

Stage 1 Peterborough to Whittlesey 6.5m

4th Ian Day 38:02 Ely Cheetahs (1st Vet)
11th Steve Tovey 40:25 Ely Tigers
12th Stephen Howard 40:44 Ely Leopards
23th Maurice Reed 42:18 Ely Panthers
44th Adrian Stokes 46:52 Ely Lions
76th Mel Fisher 52:33 Ely Pumas
84th Sturat Baumber 54:34 Ely Cougars

Stage 2 Whittlesey to March 11.35m

4th Craig Holgate 1:04:03 Ely Tigers
6th Stephen Pettit 1:06:30 Ely Cheetahs (1st Vet)
21st Adam Etches 1:14:57 Ely Leopards
45th David Mould 1:21:14 Ely Panthers
61st Ian Rutherford 1:24:40 Ely Pumas
72nd Martin Courtney 1:27:05 Ely Lions
79th John Turner 1:29:34 Ely Cougars

Stage 3 March to Welney 10.3m

5th John Crisp 1:09:54 Ely Cheetahs
12th Kieren Drane 1:14:47 Ely Tigers
16th Pete Foody 1:15:54 Ely Leopards
30th Mark Turner 1:20:03 Ely Panthers
38th Peter Harris 1:21:01 Ely Lions
75th Nick Dowdy 1:31:54 Ely Cougars
90th Hayley Tooke 1:38:07 Ely Pumas

Stage 4 Welney to Ely 9.6m

9th Peter Gipp 1:07:56 Ely Cheetahs
22nd Dan Regan 1:12:19 Ely Tigers
24th Graham Chapman 1:13:18 Ely Leopards
25th Max D�Ayala 1:14:12 Ely Lions
52nd Charlie Barker 1:20:48 Ely Panthers
78th Rob Comley 1:27:35 Ely Pumas
96th Lionel Smith 1:35:10 Ely Cougars

Thanks to Team Captain and Club Coach Alan Rutterford for organising the teams, to Tony Hall and Natalle Etches for acting as stage drivers for the Ely Teams. Thanks also to Eric Drury for again setting up/taking down the Finish area. A very big thank you to Stuart Baumber and Adrian Stokes who not only ran a stage, but spent over 3 hours marshalling in the pouring rain and cold winds. Also to John Glover who also marshalled for over 3 hours in the extreme weather, and to Rod Baron and Richard Handoll for course photography.
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Date  2008-11-23
Dist  37.6m relay
Report  The Hereward Relay, always a challenging event, was particularly so this year. Starting by the Cathedral at Peterborough this 4-stage relay follows the Hereward Way along droves, roads and paths to finish at Ely Football club, within sight of Ely Cathedral. With occasional blizzard-like conditions, strong winds and snow on the ground in places it proved a formidable challenge for competitors and organisers alike.

As usual, there was a strong turnout of teams from Ely with four mens teams, one ladies team and one mixed team. The recent strength in depth of the club was shown by the appearance of three Ely teams within the top 13, with Ely Mens A finishing in 5th place overall.

Luckily despite the at times atrocious conditions for the early relay legs, no-one got lost. For spells however the runners found the snow-sodden winds made it impossible to see where they were going. Snow on the ground hid the best line through droves and trails.

Despite all obstacles there were still some impressive individual performances. Stephen Pettit once again excelled with an impressive 3rd place on leg 2, fast enough to secure 1st vet prize for the leg. Who knows how fast he could have been if hed been able to see where he was running!

For the ladies team Natalle Etches excelled as the fastest senior lady on leg 3 running 1:24:33 for the 10.3 miles through snow-covered droves and slippery roads.

The overall Relay winners were CTC in a total time for the 37.6 miles of 3:57:02, over a minute ahead of second placed Stowmarket Striders A. 2nd claim Ely Runner Alex Tate ran for third placed team Munkey One.

Official Results (In team finish order):

Team Ely Mens A (5th in 4:06:09)

Leg 1 6.1m 7th John Crisp 040:07
Leg 2 11.6m 3rd Stephen Pettit 1:10:45 (1st Vet)
Leg 3 10.3m 7th Alex Gilroy 1:11:14
Leg 4 9.6m 8th Peter Gipp 1:04:07

Team Ely Mens B (10th in 4:19:35)

Leg 1 6.1m 8th Maurice Reed 0:41:06
Leg 2 11.6m 7th Ian Day 1:10:45
Leg 3 10.3m 9th Adam Etches 1:13:00
Leg 4 9.6m 22nd Stephen Howard 1:11:13

Team Ely Mens C (13th in 4:29:35)

Leg 1 6.1m 18th Kieren Drane 0:42:32
Leg 2 11.6m 23rd Simon Jackson 1:22:21
Leg 3 10.3m 22nd Steve Barker 1:16:08
Leg 4 9.6m 16th Stephen Tovey 1:08:33

Team Ely Mens D (42nd in 4:59:42)

Leg 1 6.1m 53rd Steve Collett 0:47:48
Leg 2 11.6m 66th Mark Turner 1:31:07
Leg 3 10.3m 35th Peter Harris 1:22:13
Leg 4 9.6m 61st Charlie Barker 1:18:34

Team Ely Mens E (45th in 5:00:33)

Leg 1 6.1m 50th Ray Harding 0:47:28
Leg 2 11.6m 88th Adrian Stokes 1:36:03
Leg 3 10.3m 75th John Turner 1:30:01
Leg 4 9.6m 13th Pete Foody 1:07:01 (1st Race for Ely)

Team Ely Mixed A (62nd in 5:14:37)

Leg 1 6.1m 85th Julie Foreman 0:52:11
Leg 2 11.6m 70th Fraser Badcock 1:32:16
Leg 3 10.3m 73rd Nick Dowdy 1:22:17
Leg 4 9.6m 63rd Rob Comley 1:26:53

Team Ely Ladies A (82nd in 5:31:34)

Leg 1 6.1m 73rd Melanie Fisher 0:51:13
Leg 2 11.6m 108th Hayley Tooke 1:44:34
Leg 3 10.3m 47th Natalle Etches 1:24:33 (1st Lady)
Leg 4 9.6m 99th Lisa Redman 1:31:14

Munkey One (3rd in 4:01:46)

Leg 2 11.6m 2nd Alex Tate 1:

116 teams finished the relay, as well as 4 ultra runners led home by Peter Galpin in 4:46:43.

If life was tough for the runners it was horribly challenging for the Ely support drivers. Tony Hall and Emily Knight had possibly the hardest tasks of the day, having to ferry runners to and from the leg changeover points whilst navigating slippery Fenland roads. Their efforts were much appreciated by all Ely teams.

Other Ely helpers on the day were Alan Rutterford (Team Captain and finish area setup), Eric Drury (finish area setup) and roving photographer Rod Baron. Thanks also to the Ely Runners who turned out to marshal the last leg from Welney to Ely.

Despite the conditions the marshalling and organisation was as usual superb throughout the relay. A big thank you to marshals from all clubs for braving the awful conditions and offering such enthusiastic support and encouragement to all.

Sunday 25th November 2007

Natalle Coles 1st Female overall on Stage 2
Glyn Loveday 1st Senior  Man on Stage 1
Graham Chapman 1st MV50 on stage 4
Ely Runners Men A 5th of 122 teams

Ely runners had a record 7 teams in this tough mixed-terrain relay race that finished for the first time at Ely Football Club instead of Palace Green, because of traffic on the A10 bypass crossing. The 4 stages followed much of the Hereward Way from Peterborough to Whittlesey (6.1 miles), Whittlesey to March (11.6 miles), March to Welney 10.3 miles, and Welney to Ely (9.6 miles). There were 133 teams entered and 122 finished. Ely Runners Men's 'A' team improved their position from 6th in 2006 to 5th in 2007. Results for Ely Runners' teams in 1-4 stage order with (left to right) individual stage position, name, time, team position with places (+/-) and 1st,  2nd, 3rd  stage category places.

Men A (5th in 3:56:53)
3rd        Glyn Loveday               37:33         3rd                    1st SM
8th        John Crisp                1:10:45         8th        (-4)
6th         Ian Day                    1:08:36         8th       (+2)
7th         Peter Gipp                  59:59         5th           (0)

Men B (12th in 4:11:25)
5th         Stephen Pettit              38:02        5th                   2nd MV40
16th       Adam Etches            1:13:39      10th      (-5)
24th       Stephen Howard        1:14:41      10th       (0)
21st       Graham Chapman      1:05:03      12th      (-2)        1st MV50

Men C (18th in 4:23:18)
22nd      Darren Murfitt              43:03        22nd
23rd       Steve Barker            1:17:32       18th      (+4)
38th       Charlie Barker          1:18:43       20th       (-2)
th       Simon Jackson        1:04:00       18th      (+2)

Men D (72nd in 5:05:13)
54th       Paul Heselwood          48:41        54th
83rd       Ian Blatchford           1:31:38       73rd      (-19)
48th       William Wilson         1:22:21       60th     (+13)
th       Nigel Leadbetter       1:22:33       72nd      (-12)

Women A (73rd in 5:05:17)
65th       Rachel Roberts           49:58       65th                    3rd FV35
43rd       Natalle Coles           1:24:02       49th       (+16)     1st F overall/1st FS
89th       Emma Greaves        1:29:18       63rd       (-14)
th       Melanie Fisher         1:21:59       73rd       (-10)

Mixed (105th in 5:29:25)
91st        Heidi Fochtmann         54:27        91st
98th       John Turner              1:35:04       95th       (-4)       2nd MV60
91st       John Crawford           1:30:55       96th       (-1)
th     Kevin Jennings         1:28:55     105th       (-9) 

Women B (111th in 5:38:08)
72nd        Siobhan Palmer           51:29       72nd
105th      Julie Foreman            1:39:21       99th     (-27)
102nd      Lisa Redman             1:34:00     104th      (-5)
th      Emily Knight              1:33:18     111th      (-7)

   Ely Runners in other teams:

   Muddy Mucky Munkeys A (1st in 3:45:53)
   1st       Alex Tate                    1:04:31       2nd    (+13)      1st SM  (stage 2)

    Alexander Chasers (
91st in 5:15:32)
    97th     Susanne Bethell         1:22:37      91st      (-7)                   (stage 4)

The 1st men's team was Muddy Mucky Munkeys 'A' in 3:45:53 and the 1st (38th overall) women's team was Cambridge & Coleridge 'Stairway to Heaven' in 4:43:14.

Conditions were quite good being cool, overcast with hazy sunshine, and with a light following NW wind. The off-road sections were soft but not particularly muddy except the Bishops Drove on stage 4 which had been cut up into deep muddy ruts by 4WD off-roaders and a woman competitor broke a leg negotiating a difficult and slippery bend. The Welney Washes on stage 4 were on the brink of flooding but, unlike last year, the causeway remained dry.

Congratulations to Ely Runners and friends, especially to Alan Rutterford for recruiting the clubs runners and to his weatherproof marshals, Eric Drury for setting up the finish area, signs and PA system, Tony Hall and Peter Harris as high mileage course drivers, Rod Baron for his major contribution to the event website and being mobile course photographer, and to the clubs stage drivers and teams.
Photographs are available on

For more details see


Sunday 26th November 2006


Ely runners had 6 teams in this tough mixed-terrain relay race which finished by the Crimean War cannon on Palace Green, Ely. The 4 stages followed much of the Hereward Way from Peterborough to Whittlesey (6.1 miles), Whittlesey to March (11.6 miles), March to Welney 10.3 miles, and Welney to Ely (10.4 miles). There were 133 teams at the start and 131 finished. Ely Runners Men's 'A' team improved their position from 10th in 2005 to 6th in 2006. Provisional results for Ely Runners' teams in 1-4 stage order with (left to right) individual stage position, name, time, team position with places (+/-) and 1st, 2nd, 3rd stage category places.


Men A (6th in 4:11:25)

7th       Glyn Loveday            39:07      7th

9th       Stephen Howard     1:14:48      7th      (0)        2nd MV40

6th       Alfredo Verna         1:09:03      8th      (-1)       1st MV45

6th       Ian Day                  1:08:27      6th     (+2)


Men B (12th in 4:22:11)

16th      Alex Gilroy              42:29      16th

12th     Adam Etches         1:16:18      13th     (+3)

17th     Peter Gipp             1:13:58      14th     (-1)

8th       John Crisp             1:09:26      12th     (+2)


Men C (23rd in 4:43:07)

28th     Charlie Barker            44:18     28th                3rd MV55

36th     Stephen Tovey        1:22:42     22nd    (+6)

39th     Graham Chapman   1:21:24     26th      (-4)

26th     Simon Jackson       1:14:43     23rd     (+3)


Men D (42nd in 5:02:15)

40th     Ray Harding              46:14      40th                2nd MV50

60th     Peter Harris            1:27:59     41st     (-1)       2nd MV55

62nd    Richard Handoll       1:25:50     47th     (-6)

50th     Steve Barker           1:22:12     42nd    (+5)


Women A (78th in 5:25:07)

119th   Angela Chapman        59:03     119th

72nd    Natalle Coles           1:30:27      95th    (+24 )    3rd SF

91st     Gina Handoll            1:31:11      91st     (+4)

64th     Birgitta Bramley       1:24:26      78th    (+13)    1st FV50



Mixed A (120th in 5:56:32)

120th  Joanne Howard             59:30    120th

105th   Karlos Dedos           1:39:22     113th    (+7)

130th   Margaret Bracewell   1:51:44     127th   (-14)

65th    John Turner               1:25:56     120th   (+7)     1st MV60


Ely Runner in another team:


Munkey Nuts (stage 2)

8th   Alex Tate  1:13:35    11th  (+6)


The 1st men's team was Fairlands Valley Spartans Tri 'A' in 4:05:50 and the 1st women's team Cambridge & Coleridge 'Fast Girls' in 4:48:11.


Conditions were mild and mainly sunny with strong SW winds. The off-road sections were very wet and muddy, hence times were slower than last year. Stage 4 included running through the flooded Welney Washes.


Ely Runners helped with the race as follows: Eric Drury set up the finish area and marked the course from the A10 bypass, Darren Murfitt was responsible for club marshals and the A10 crossing, Tony Hall and Steve Harrison were course drivers, Rod Baron was course photographer, 6 runners were stage drivers, and several members were marshals from the A10, including those who also ran in stages 1 and 2.


Team Result     Stage 1       Stage 2      Stage 3       Stage 4 

Sunday 27th November 2005

Clair Willer 1st Woman on Stage 3
Category places for Peter Gipp (stage PB), Stephen Howard, Peter Harris, and John Turner 

Ely Runners entered 5 teams in this tough mainly off-road relay from Peter Cathedral to finish by the Crimean War cannon on Palace Green in front of Ely Cathedral. The 4 stages which follow much of the Hereward Way were from Peterborough to Whittlesey (6.1 miles), Whittlesey to March (11.6 miles). March to Welney (10.3 miles), and Welney to Ely (10.4 miles). There were 135 teams in the start and 127 teams finished. Provisional official results for Ely Runners showing teams in 1-4 stage order with L-R individual stage position, name, individual time, team position at end of stage, places gained/lost (+/-), and if placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in categories:


Ely Runners 1st Male Team (10th in 4:11:21)   only 1 min 57 secs slower ER's fastest ever team (2004)

10th    Barry Woodward         39:14        10th

17th    Adam Etches            1:16:10       11th    (-1)

10th    Peter Gipp                1:08:45       11th    (0)        3rd MV40 (stage personal best)

11th    Ian Day                    1:07:12       10th    (+1)


Ely Runners 1st Mixed Team (18th in 4:23:21)

48th    Gordon Godfrey            46:14      48th

23rd    Stephen Howard        1:18:30      27th   (+21)    3rd MV40

15th    Claire Willer              1:11:23      20th    (+7)     1st Woman

12th    John Crisp                1:07:14      18th    (+2)


Ely Runners 2nd Male Team (36th in 4:44:31)

35th    Rod Baron                   44:00       35th

44th    Charlie Barker            1:24:08      37th    (-2)

36th    Simon Jackson          1:18:22      35th    (+2)

46th    Graham Chapman      1:18:01      36th    (-1)


Ely Runners 3rd Male Team  (49th in 4:53:41)

50th    Peter Harris                  46:19       50th              3rd MV55

64th    John Turner               1:27:57        61st   (-11)    2nd MV60

42nd   Stephen Tovey           1:20:04       48th   (+13)   

55th    Ray Harding               1:19:21      49th    (-1)



Ely Runners 2nd Mixed Team (83rd in 5:22:15)

104th   Jude McCarthy            52:45      104th

82nd    Skarlatos Dedos        1:31:59      86th    (+18)

103rd   Rachel Kiff                1:34:24      92nd    (-6)

71st     Ian Blatchford            1:23:07      83th    (+9)


Ely Runners in other teams:


King's Crusaders (KSE) Team (9th in 4:11:15)

11th    Matt Hall                    1:08:57        9th      (0)      (stage 3)


Fenland Anaesthesia (KSE) Team (96th in 5:31:34)

98th    Chanr Bond                52:11       98th                (stage 1)


COGS Team (102nd in 5:37:49)

119th   Kevin Jennings          1:46:11     107th    (-38)     (stage 2)


The Alexander Chasers Team (110th in 5:38:55)

109th   Michael Butler           1:41:03    120th    (+4)      (stage 2)

98th     Sue Bethell               1:32:39    110th   (+10)     (stage 3)

Conditions were cold and bleak with a moderate northerly wind. On the cross country sections it was soft and muddy in places.

Ely Runners also marked and marshalled the course from the A10 bypass and set up and maintained the finish area on Palace Green. Thanks are extended to the club's marshals and helpers especially Alan Rutterford (Relay Team Captain), Eric Drury (finish area and marking), and the team recovery drivers Tony Hall and Karen Walsh.

The presentation of prizes was at The Paradise Centre by Race Director Peter Jackman, Chairman of March AC. Winners Bury Pacers 'A' team finished in 3:47:55, well ahead of 2nd place Nene Valley Hopefuls in 3:52:32.


Ely Men 'A' 4th Team Overall and William Clapp 2nd on Stage 1    (Photos click here)

Index page to results

All five of Ely Runners' teams finished this four stage 38.7 miles* relay across the Fens from Peterborough Cathedral to Ely Cathedral. The stage distances were:
Stage 1  Peterborough-Whittlesey    6.1 miles  (start 0900 Peterborough Cathedral)
Stage 2  Whittlesey-March             11.6 miles
Stage 3  March-Welney                 10.3 miles
Stage 4  Welney-Ely                      10.7 miles*   (finish Palace Green, Ely)
The route followed much of the Hereward Way of which the majority was cross country but there were also some quite long sections of minor roads. Conditions were cool, damp and overcast, with a light wind. The off-road sections were very wet and soft, particularly the 1.7 miles of quagmire on the Bishop's Drove on the last stage from Little Downham to the Ely bypass. There were 110 teams at the start and 108 complete teams finished. Official results with team members in stage order, individual stage positions (with places +/-), and stage times:
Ely Runners Men's 'A'     4th in 4:09:24   (best time ever by an Ely Runners team)
1. William Clapp            2nd in 36:46
2. Stephen Howard       11th (-3)1:13:43
3. Alfredo Verna             6th (+1) in 1:08:26
4. Peter Gipp                  7th (-) in 1:10:29
Ely Runners Men's 'B'      21st in 4:36;53
1. Ian Day                       5th in 38:26
2. Maurice Reed           50th (-21) in 1:26:16 
3. Chris Rayment          17th (+7) in 1:12:42
4. Darren Murfitt             34th (-2) in 1:19:29  
Ely Runners Men's 'C'     28th in 4:43:47
1. Alan Rutterford         16th in 41:08
2. Steve Presland         64th (-25) in 1:29:35          
3. Rod Baron                 34th (+6) in 1:17:42
4. Luke Minall                17th (+7) in 1:15:22
Ely Runners Men's 'D'     32nd in 4:51:47
1. Richard Handoll        41st in 45:57
2. Charlie Barker          36th (+1) in 1:23:14
3. Ray Harding              29th (+10) in 1:16:09
4. John Turner               57th (-2) in 1:26:27 
Ely Runners 'Mixed'      62nd in 5:18:30 
1. Tim Bedford              44th in 46:38
2. Graham Chapman   77th (-15) in 1:33:09
3. Karen Foreman        87th (-9) in 1:31:43
4. Kevin Jennings         59th (+6) in 1:27:00
Ely Runners in other teams:
Muddy Mucky Munkeys     7th in 4:14:45   
2. Alex Tate                   3rd (+17) in 1:08:15
GE Smallworld     45th in 4:56:08
3. Adam Etches           25th (+14) in 1:15:10
King's School Ely     70th in 5:27:05
4. Matt Hall                   18th (+23) in 1:15:25
Ely Runners also marked and marshalled the course from the A10 bypass and set up and maintained the finish area by the cannon on Palace Green. Thanks are extended to the club's marshals and officials who were on duty in the cold for about 2.5 hours. Also to the club's stage recovery drivers Tony Hall and Peter Harris.
The presentation of prizes was at the Paradise Centre by Race Director Peter Jackman, Chairman of March AC. The 1st team was Bury Pacers 'A' in 3:57:20 narrowly ahead of the 2nd place 'Rare Hair Bunch' in 3:57:23. The 3rd team were 'Four Men & Some Mud' in 4:00:31.
 *Due to a closed level crossing, a deviation extended the 4th stage from 10.4 to 10.7 miles and the race from 38.4 to 38.7 miles.

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