Team Captain's FAQ

Ely runners are a running club that caters for runners of all abilities so you don't need to have a natural talent for running to join us.

Besides all the well-known health benefits, running is a hugely convenient sport to partake in. Not withstanding the fact that it is clearly more fun to run with a group of fellow runners and friends, you can always run by yourself, summer and winter, morning or evening, and even on your travels. You don't necessarily have to rely on another group of people to turn up.

Also, as running is a sport that does not require you to invest large amounts of time, you will reach your training zone very quickly, thus getting fitter in a shorter time than with any other form of exercise.

There are literally 100 competitive events within 50 miles of Ely each year. Running will give you plenty of opportunities to compete with other runners of your ability and, perhaps the toughest competitor of all, yourself and the clock. Many events are group events and we would expect all our members to enjoy take part.

Anytime really, but perhaps the most opportune moment is if your training has stalled or you find it difficult to stay motivated. During the dark winter season it can be hard to find the energy to get out and train. Further you will find that there will be runners in the club at your level and perhaps just above, and this can be a much needed inspiration to take your running to the next level.

If you aim to do a special event or distance (a classic example is the London Marathon), you will benefit from the experience of fellow runners. Many runners in the club have several decades of running under their feet and have seen a bit of everything. We highly recommend that you join well in advance of any long distance event and remember that even very fit runners take at least six months to prepare

Even though we have runners of all abilities, we still recommend that you do a little bit of training before you join. It would be highly beneficial for your participation if you can sustain 30 minutes of light exercise (e.g. jogging, biking, or treadmill) before you start.

We would then suggest that you give us a call or send an email and let us know which evening you would like to come for a test run with us. Tuesday's programme normally consists of interval or repetition training on a loop and makes it easier to stay with the group. On Thursdays we go for a steady run with a choice of distances.

The next thing will be to visit a qualified sports shop that can recommend a suitable pair of running shoes. Modern shoes are a marvel of technology and help to cushion and control your stride. You should therefore insist on at least a test run, but even better, a careful evaluation of running style and support needs. Remember that good shoes do not have to cost a fortune, but they are essential for your first experiences with running.