Club Administration - Ely Runners

Mileage Allowance

From 1st April 2023, subject to the availability of adequate club funds, an allowance of 45p/mile will be paid for most club duties and representation for which a member's private vehicle is used; ie

The 45p/mile will be paid for:

  • Attendance at non-ER meetings to represent the club (eg County and FFL meetings)
  • Support for club private events (eg Woodditton long run, 10kH, 1mH, XC Champs)
  • Support for club open events (TTR, GF, NYE10k)
  • Support for club teams in long distance relays (eg Hereward & Round Norfolk Relays)
  • For non-members (eg race referee) with official duties at club open events

The 45p/mile will not be paid for:

  • Sharing transport to races entered by members
  • Attending club events, club meetings and club functions
  • Voluntary marshals and helpers from other clubs and organisations unless by prior agreement

Club Constitution

Club Constitution (click here)

Data Protection and the right to anonymity

Ely Runners undertake not to publish or pass on to any external organisation a member's date of birth, home address, phone numbers or email address without the member's explicit permission.

From 1st September 2008 all new members will be given the option on the membership application form to NOT have their photograph shown on the club website. Complete anonymity, subject to reasonable grounds may also be granted on request.

Any member named/ identified on a website image or video clip may on request be given the option to have their identification withheld.